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The Amnesty Mob vs. America

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 19, 2013 08:44 AM


The Amnesty Mob vs. America
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2013

You can try to put “conservative” lipstick on the lawless amnesty mob. In the end, however, it’s still a lawless mob. The big government/big business alliance to protect illegal immigration got a lot of mileage using foolish Republicans Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan as front men. But the true colors of the open-borders grievance-mongers always show through.

After America said no to a pork-filled security-undermining amnesty bill in 2007, the No Illegal Alien Left Behind lobbyists changed their overtly thuggish tactics. They put down their upside-down American flags, stopped wearing their commie Che Guevara T-shirts and cloaked their radical reconquista aspirations in the less divisive rhetoric of “reform” and “opportunity.”

It was all just an act, of course. Inevitably, the mask has slipped. Over the weekend, illegal alien protesters descended on the private residence of Kansas Secretary of State and immigration enforcement lawyer Kris Kobach. As Twitchy.com reported on Saturday, 300 amnesty activists marched into Kobach’s neighborhood and barged up his driveway and right onto his doorstep. It’s how the Alinskyite “community organizers” roll.

Shouting into a bullhorn and waving their fists from his front porch, the property rights-invaders dubbed Kobach “King of Hate” for his work representing border security activists and federal customs enforcement agents who are fighting the systemic sabotage of immigration law. Thankfully, Kobach, his wife and their four young daughters were not home at the time. (See The Right Scoop for interview with Kobach on Hannity.)

But the aggrieved amnesty demanders are not done yet. And Kobach is not the only one in their crosshairs.

After tea party activist turned Kansas state representative Amanda Grosserode condemned the mob action publicly on Facebook, racist insults and threats littered her page. Roberto Medina Ramirez wrote: “I’ll give her something to be disgusted about!” Doris Lynn Crouse Gent chimed in: “OMG! Maybe her drive should be next.” Matt S. Bashaw echoed the call: “Maybe her house should be next.” Facebook user Jude Robinson also ranted on Grosserode’s page: “Since Kobach steals taxpayer money spreading hate around the country, he deserves what he gets.”

Dennis Paul Romero left this message for Grosserode: “(N)azi kkk and she is proud of it.” A user writing as “Paul-says Fckmarkzuck” left death threats under Romero’s comment: “Gotta start killing all the Nazis. Politicans (sic), bankers, and priests. Cops, lawyers, and Judges. ASAP.” The same user added: “Just another b*tch that needs to die off already.” (Note: Many of these comments have now been deleted. Trying to cover their tracks.)

The radicals of Occupy Kansas posted an inflammatory photo of Grosserode with the race-baiting caption: “Kansas State legislator Amanda Grosserode says she is ‘disgusted’ by Hispanic protesters.” Grosserode wasn’t disgusted by their ethnicity. She was disgusted by their actions. No matter. Race/ethnic card: activated.

Gina Long pounced: “(S)he is stupid and doesn’t like brown people.” So did Diana Bauer: “Ah, poor Ms Grosserode; sorry that you find our Constitution so difficult to stomach. Or is it only whites that have the right to freedom of speech.” One Lupe Ramirez left his own message for Grosserode: “We are starting our fundraising and campaign to unseat you. Do you not realize how many Hispanics are in Kansas. You no longer live in Dorothy’s Kansas. You cannot represent your state, you don’t even know who they are.”

Grosserode isn’t backing down. She told me Tuesday that she will remain “vigilant” and has given local law enforcement a heads-up. The conservative mom and lawmaker notes sadly that “there are some who would say that when you are in elected office that you should expect this kind of thing. I would disagree. No one deserves threats nor threats to their home and family.”

But the amnesty vigilantes have no respect for borders, let alone private front porches, in their quest for another massive federal illegal alien bailout. They have no respect for law-abiding U.S. workers. They have no respect for law-abiding foreigners applying to get into our country the right and proper way.

As they besiege Capitol Hill this month demanding more rights and payoffs, take note: These groups do not stand for the American dream. They are a nightmare conglomeration of George Soros-funded social justice operatives, transnationalists and La Raza militants who detest U.S. sovereignty. National People’s Action, which spearheads progressive “direct actions” at the private homes of their political foes and led the march on Kobach’s home, is a “community organizing” nonprofit based in — you guessed it — Chicago.

NPA’s past shakedowns have involved busing in protesters and schoolchildren (using public school buses) to invade the private property of their victims and intimidate their families. They relish their brass knuckles with this anthem:

Who’s on your hit list NPA?

Who’s on your hit list for today?

Take no prisoner, take no names.

Kick ’em in the (a–) when they play their games.

As I first reported in 2004, NPA is funded by the Tides Foundation, the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, and the MacArthur, Ford and Rockefeller foundations. It’s also funded by your tax dollars. My research found that the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Education had all given tens of thousands of dollars in grants to NPA members for left-wing activism, identity politics and illegal alien benefits.

Rubio, Ryan and other Republicans who’ve made common cause with these welfare-state goons have betrayed fundamental principles of limited government and the rule of law. They’ve allied themselves with the mob. There’s nothing, not one thing, “conservative” about mass illegal alien amnesty. It’s the complete Chicago-ization of America.

  • LondonInNY

    Michelle Malkin is 100% right on this issue and I say this as a Registered Democrat and sometimes critic/cynic of Michelle Malkin.

    WIDESPREAD AMNESTY in a Country with NOT enough meaningful work or opportunity for its own inhabitants is NOT PROGRESSIVE but actually INSANE. This Registered Democrat AGREES with MICHELLE MALKIN and her courageous blog on this issue.

    This is organized disorder. Large corporations get cheap labor and Democrats hope to get more voters. The End of America is upon us.

  • Armando Enciso

    America never said no to inmigration reform silly lady, ignorance, I mean your mom is who said no…

  • http://pftexasplace.wordpress.com Carl

    Reblogged this on Conservative Commentary and News and commented:

  • Marietta

    Michelle you are the best

  • M. Fernandez

    As a Sovereign Country that enforced the rule of laws to our citizens under the Living Document called The Constitution. Why Should we, Laws obeying citizens aloud those elected to serve the people of our nation as part of our Government to reward those who break our laws, take advantage and abuse of our system.
    For the well-been of our Nation, Our Constitution and our political system we should not granted another Amnesty to those who break our laws.
      Be to Known that not every Hispanic/Latino that live in the United States came illegally  into this  country and We Are Not as the Mexican Controlled Radios and TV-Stations want to make the American people to belief that the majority of all Hispanics support a bill to give the citizenship to those who break our laws.  Yes We Have to Fix this Problem! And We Should without any involvement from any external Government and their especial interest in getting the United States to assume their responsibilities and not having to fulfill the promises that they made to their citizens.   
    If you want to know the way to live the American Dreams?
     It’s Starts by not breaking The United States Laws!
    Who I am?
            I am a Dominican Born, who became Legal Resident in June 1990. In 1993, I decided to enjoy the US Army and in 1995 became a Proud Naturalized US Citizen.
    I served in the United States Army for almost 12 years. As a Sergeant I deployed into Iraq with the 504th Military Police Battalion and served in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. In 2004, I was medically separated with 40% Disability from the US Army. 

    My Plan:
    1-      To Secured the United States: borders with Mexico and Canada
    –          We need to revise and update the Citizens by Birth Law:
    To stop illegal crossing of the borders by pregnant women and illegally gave birth in the United States. We should required that for the baby to become a US Citizen at birth, one of the Parent must be a Legal US Citizen, 20 years of Age or older.
    If the woman gave birth in an American Hospital, we should recognized the parents country of origin and for we should write in the Birth Certificated: Citizen of the Country of: ___________ born in the United States. That information will be forward to the Parents Embassy for their citizen new born registration not later than 24Hours after birth.
    –           Revised the Law for Legal Residents living in the United States and their territories:
    A child born from two legal residents living in Unites States or their territories will not become a US Citizen until at least one of the parent become a United States Citizen by Naturalization.  If the Child is Born from a Legal Residents couple and neither one of the parent become a Naturalized Citizen at the Child’s  18 Birthday it become his responsibility to complete the Naturalization process to become Citizen. If the Child at his 18 birthday is serving in the Arms Forces his full citizenship will be granted after serving Honorable for the first 18 Months and the cost involved in becoming a Naturalized Citizen will be waived.
                NOTE: Review of the current Law is required to inform every legal resident that if you want to live in this Nation it is a requirement to learn English and to become a US Citizen by Naturalization.  During this review we should gave every new Legal Resident a period of 5 years on top of the current 5 years, today required living legally in the United States and their territories to apply for Naturalization Citizenship.
       If this requirement is not met by the Legal Resident at the end of the first 10 years of been a US resident a Legal Fee of US$ 1,500.00 will be charge to issue a new Alien Registration card good for five years. There after a US$ 1,800.00 dollars will be charged for to replace Alien Registration Card, every 5 years.
    To Secure our Borders:
    If we have American Soldiers, Marines, Navy and Air-Force Personnel Guarding the Borders of South Korea and other nations around the World! Why not to push our politicians in Washington to create Military Joint Camps with Task-Force units of 20 Enlisted Personnel, 1 Officer in charge and 1 Non-Commissioned Officer to assist and conduct border Security Operations with the Department of Home-Land Security, covering Tactical pre-determined amount of terrains all across the Borders.
    Why not create a plan of three Security Zones that will aloud better use of resources to protect our borders?
    The  1st Zone:
    Starting from the Mexican/American and Canadian/American Borders up to the 75 Miles into American soil, Make special use of Natural Barriers and Terrain Conditions, High Fences, the use of Low Cost Solar panels needed to provide the necessary electricity to use of Cameras with motion Sensors, high Poles Antennas, with mounted Sensors, able to differentiates between Humans and animal motions; Sensors that could be able to provide an approximate numbers of people crossing Illegally, in all weather conditions to a command Center. Create small Tactical Operations Centers that after receiving this valuable information could be able to coordinate how to respond to a determined threat, directing a Unit of 10 Members from one of the Task Forces posted across the Border under his command, in conjunction with a member or members of the Border Patrol to detains the Illegal Immigrants or to neutralized including Drug trafficking any other threat.
    The 2nd Zone:
    From the 75 Miles mark, up to 250 Miles from the border. The second line of defense, involving Drums Aircraft, Helicopters and Satellite Imaging.  Create a Major Command Center on each Border-State, able to process the information received from this systems and in conjunction with all current  Information received from every Small Tactical Operation center, track each individual operation. This Mayor Command Center will have the responsibility to coordinate with State and Locals Law Enforcement agencies.
    The 3rdlines of defense involve pre-determined points where the local and major routes from the borders meet with unconventional check-points.
    This could be fulfill by starting a plan:  1st accepting Voluntary Assignments for 6 to 12 Months of  Military Personnel with 2 years of fulfilling his contract and are looking for Special Training  that could give them the edge  to fill requirements for jobs opening  with the Department of Home Land Security, Border Patrol and Police Departments’ across the Nation.
    Illegal Immigration:
    1-      Illegal Immigrant:
    To provide a proof of your Country citizenship you have to Obtain and Legalized by your Country’s Embassy the Following Documents:
    a.      Birth Certificate (Two Originals, accompany by a Legalized Translation)
    -For Him/herself and every child on his Family (If Any) Living in or Outside of United States.
    b.      Current Passport (s)
    c.       2ea 2×2 Color Photos per Applicants
    d.      Finger-Prints taking from a Local Police Department/Motor Vehicle Registration or Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service
    e.      Marry Certificate/ Baptism Certificate
    f.        A Physical Exam (As is required to everyone in the process to become a Legal Resident) If, 18 Year of Age: A Copy of Your Selective Service Registration card.
    g.      If any of the applicants is between the age of 18 and 26 Years of Age: summit a Notarized Copy of Your Selective Service Registration card. As is Require to every US Citizen and legal Resident to be registered.
    h.      Summit a COPY OF your TAX-Identification Number or Copies of your Last 5 Year Income-tax returns filed, if any
    i.        Proof of Home-residence in United States.
    j.        Proof of Employment.
    Summit a Notarized Copy of the Following Documents: If Available
    k.       Driver’s License from any State of the Continental USA or any other Country.
    l.        Department of Motor Vehicle Picture Identification Card.
    m.    School/College Identification Card.
    2-      You will have a Maximum of 180 days to Summit a Registration Form(Note: I will Create a simple Form that will allowed us to obtain all necessary information required to fill the petition) with the Above Documents to initiate the process for your Legalization.
    3.      You Will Need a Legal Sponsor. (Sponsors if more than 2 Family Members are filled in your petition). As Your situation is out of Ordinary The Congress, with the approval of The Senate, ratified by the Federal Government and the Supreme Court: A List of Particular United States Citizens /Legal Residents or Employers will be create that in your case will aloud then to serve as your Sponsor to initiates the process for you to become legal resident. 
    Example of a Sponsor:
    a. – A Family Member: US Citizen or Legal Resident with Living in the United States with proof of 10 Years of filled Income-Tax. (Mother/Father/Brother/Sister/Uncle, Etc., to serve as you Sponsor)
    b. – An Employer: Defined at the Owner of Any Legal/Registered Corporation or Business in the Continental United States Should Filled a Form with your petition, as Sponsor indicating your Especial Qualifications required for his business.   
    c.- A current born in the United States from Illegal Immigrants parents: If he is Serving in the Arms Forces with more than 18 Month of Honorable Service,  He will be allowed to Serve as sponsor to legalized his parents and minor brothers in less than 48Month.
    d. – For an Illegal Immigrant with a proof of a College Degree, Certify by his Country Embassy. – he will be allowed to file a petition to become a Legal Resident by his education merits,  after completion of a College Revalidation Test from any United States University She/he will be granted full Citizenship.
    e. – An Adult US Citizen or Legal Resident can file a petition as your Sponsor by showing proves of marital /conjugal relationship.
    f.- An Adult Citizen /Legal Resident;  Having a relationship:-  Boyfriend / Girlfriend with an Illegal Immigrant He or She could serve as your sponsor by showing proof of an ongoing pre-marital relationship and proof of living under the Same House.
    What can you expect?
    After summiting your application with all require documents:
    1-      INS will review your application and after a satisfactory review an Immigration Case Number will be assigned to your application.
    2-      Permission to obtain a SSN that will aloud you to pay State and federal Taxes will be granted for every member in your application.
    3-      Permission to apply for a Driver’s License
    4-      The Registration Card will aloud Illegal immigrants to Open Bank account and Rent Apartments, apply for Phone Service, TV-Cable, Electric and Gas Utilities, Etc.
    5-      The Registration Card WILL NOT Be Used to Apply for a Loan or Credit Cards.
    6-      The Registration Card will aloud you to purchase Personal or Family Medical and/or Dental Insurance.   
    7-      Your petition will be added to list, behind those waiting in the process to become Legal Residents and are not currently living in United States.
    8-      Your Case will be assigned to one of the Immigration & Naturalization Centers across the United States. Your waiting time will be base in the amount of documents that you and your sponsor provided to support your application.
    9-      You, your dependents will not qualify for welfare or any other Assistance
    The Office of Immigration and Naturalization Service can open a temporary Registration Booth at every US Postal Service that currently process passports applications to accept all petitions with the required documentations and for a Non-Refundable, US$ 75.00 per member named in the Application a Charge to take a Biometric Hands-Prints (Full Hands) and Digital Photo per individual.  
    1-      A Biometric Registration Card created By Immigration and Naturalization Services, good for 10 years will be mailed to every applicant(s) Between 60 and 90 Days after the application is received. This Registration Card will have all Necessary Information of as Full Name, Date and Country of Birth, Date of Registration, INS#, Home Residence, full Color Picture, Front side of the Card. A Signature Block in the opposite side, below a Legal Sworn Statement: I Do Solemnly Swear that I will Support and defend the Constitution of the Unites States of America, against all enemies Foreign and Domestic. So Help Me God..!
    The Cost per Registration Card will be adjusted in accordance with the cost involved to produce the Registration Card
    For Those Illegal’s who do not file a petition to Legalized their Immigration Status?
    1.- The Congress and The Senate Needs to Pass a New Law allowing Federal, State and Local Police Departments across the United States and Territories to stop any individual and request a Legal Identification  during routine stops. 
    2.- Those Illegal’s detained during Law Enforcement raids against Gangs, Drugs and Stolen Property warehouses will have no more than 48 Hours to be send to one of Deportation centers and no more than 24 hours to be deported. They will not have the legal right to have an immigration hearing to remain in the USA.  The Same Rules will be applied to those with criminal records. Due to the Nature of the Illegal Immigration to the National Security: Military Aircraft Ready for Passenger’s Transport will be used for Deportations, saving millions of dollars instead of Civilian Aircraft.  A Program could be created where Military Air-Force Pilots could earn Flying/Training Hours during each Deportation Fly.    
    3.- A worker’s Program could be created where people could be aloud to temporally wor,k legally in the United States. The State Governments where the Guest programs are required, will determine the minimum Hourly Salary that an employer must pay to those workers. Guest Worker will not be required to pay State or Federal taxes due to they will not qualify for any State of Federal Benefit. The Worker’s Programs will give provide a renewable Visa for 3 Years, with a verifiable Job Invitation from the Employer.
    4.- Farm Owners Could be aloud to unify with Others Farm owners in the vicinity to contract temporary Doctors, Dentist and Nurses to provide the Basic Medical and Dental Health for those Guest Workers.  
    5.- The Farm Owners National Association could be aloud to create a Basic Medical and Dental Plan where those Temporary workers could received Basic Medical and Dental services.- Not Free, but to a low cost, for Example: US$15.00 for every Dental Visits / US$25.00 every Doctor’s Visit. They could be aloud to associate with a mayor Medicine company to create a medication at a low cost program with a Monthly Premium where neither the State or the Federal Government have to pass the bill to the American People. (Note: The above amounts could be use to pay those Medical and Dental professionals hire thru the Guest’s Program).  
    6.- Penalty for those breaking the Guest’s Worker Program laws will be Penalized with up to US$2000.00 per Violation.
    7.- The Worker’s Program:
    Employers who required assistance from the Guest Worker Program will have to filled up  a permit request with the amount of Personnel required.
    The Federal Government with the approval of the Congress, the Senate and State Governments where the Worker’s Program is required, complete a bi-lateral agreement with the neighboring countries where those Governments will assist in allowing some of their citizen without jobs to come to the United States under a temporary visa to work.
    Create a fear program that will not aloud 50,000 workers to come to the United States from only one particular country.
    Details for Those coming to Work under the Guest Worker Program:
    1.- They will have to fill an application.
    2.- They will have go thru a Background Check.
    3.- Their Governments will create applications’ centers, where their un-employee citizens are able to see the List Of Opening Jobs with requirements, posted, indicating Job locations, Salaries and lengths of time that the job will be available. Those centers could be use as the same location where they can apply for a particular Job.
    Thank You!
    You, the one who took the time to read this ideas and knowing that are not perfect, have the will to add your ideas with mine to make it better.  
    We, The People of the United States can make it possible that this could be the starting point in fixing one of the many problems that affect our Nation.
    God Bless The United States of America!

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