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Capital One sticks like glue to Alec Baldwin; Made quick distance from Rush Limbaugh

By Doug Powers  •  June 29, 2013 05:37 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Capital One is still mum after Alec Baldwin’s Twitter rant during which he referred to a reporter as a “toxic little queen,” among some other choice words.

However, when it came to Rush Limbaugh last year, when the left said “jump,” Capital One said “how high?”

But maybe Capital One was as swayed as GLAAD by Baldwin’s super-convincing “apology,” which was really just an explanation that he was, naturally, misunderstood:

He also defended using the word “queen.”

“I know women that act queeny, I know men that are straight that act queeny, and I know gay men that act queeny,” he said.

“It doesn’t have to be a definite sexual connotation, or a homophobic connotation. To me those are people who think the rules don’t apply to them.”

Guys, keep in mind that the next time Alec Baldwin refers to one of you as a “queen,” it’s probably just a generic observation about your monarchical nature.

I’d expect Capital One to put out some sort of lame statement next week criticizing Baldwin’s comments but defending his right to say them while pointing out that they all have plenty of gay friends (which makes it OK to insult them, or something). Until then, Capital One is still in Alec Baldwin’s wallet, and vice-versa.

Ad idea: The “Capital One Double Miles Standards” card.

Actually, Baldwin is paid to endorse several companies, and to my knowledge not one has yet dumped him over this.

By the way, Baldwin had deleted his entire Twitter account, but he cleaned up the feed and it’s back online now. What could possibly go wrong?

**Written by Doug Powers

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