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Horrifying: Entire hot shot crew perishes in Arizona’s Yarnell Fire

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 1, 2013 12:06 AM

The scale and deadliness of the Yarnell Fire in Arizona is beyond horrific. An entire hot shot crew of 18-19 firefighters reportedly died today fighting the Yarnell Fire. Some 250 homes have already burned.

Twitchy has all the breaking, heart-breaking developments, photos, and Twitter firsthand reports.

And tributes to Arizona’s fallen Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew flood Twitter.

Officials say it’s the largest firefighter loss in any incident since 9/11.

Keep all those affected in your prayers as the blaze rages on.


Of course, the Left leaps to blame global warming…for a fire that local reports say was started by lightning.

Flashback one year ago this week:

Global warming blame-ologists play with fire

  • sherry whittemore

    Shame on YOU for incorrect reporting!!! Get your FACTS STRAIGHT before putting them out to the world to see.
    Not ALL of those brave men lost their lives…
    One man got out alive. I would like to report your posting .
    People, I hope you all read her posting and read this one from me.

  • http://myfoxmystere.wordpress.com myfoxmystere

    I feel for the families of the firefighters who died in this raging inferno. I also have this bad suspicion that the hatemongers from the Westboro hate cult and their head hate guru “Freddy Kruger” Phelps will be dragging their rotten carcasses to terrorize the firefighters’ funerals. I hope their plans sink in a grand epic failure. My best to the firefighters’ families!

  • Mr jax

    It’s a shame that these men lost their lives and so many lost their homes both in Az and Colorado while a 747 supertanker fire fighting plane sat on the ground in Tucson. Yes, a 20,000 gallon capacity 300 ft wide almost 5 mile long swath of retardant would have ended these fires rapidly. It’s a fine example of government at its best.

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