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Seattle Mariners and Portland Trailblazers endorse Obama’s global warming agenda

By Doug Powers  •  July 2, 2013 11:09 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

The teams also announced they’ll be traveling from game to game in buses powered by vegetable oil. Actually, no they didn’t.

From CNS News:

Two professional sports team have endorsed President Barack Obama’s global warming proposals. Executives from the Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners and the National Basketball Association’s Portland Trailblazers issued statements after Obama announced new environmental regulations last week.
Scott Jenkins, vice president of operations for the Seattle Mariners, is also chairman of the board of directors for the Green Sports Alliance.

“We are pleased today to see President Obama outline his plan to address climate change, expand clean and renewable energy and improve energy efficiency,” Jenkins said in a statement posted on the Green Sports Alliance’s Facebook page.

Here’s how the Trailblazers travel:

Paul Allen owns not one, but two Boeing 757s. He uses one for personal reasons and the other for his teams (the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks) to use to fly from one game to another.

Surprisingly, the 757s aren’t solar-powered.

The Mariners don’t travel by Volt either.

**Written by Doug Powers

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