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Heh: Guy who wants entire country run like Detroit RIPs Motown, warns America

By Doug Powers  •  July 19, 2013 11:35 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

It’s funny, if you’re heavy into irony:

Most likely, Moore will (if he hasn’t already) join Robert Reich in blaming corporate America and evil capitalism (::spit take::) for Detroit’s demise instead of the fact that the city has been a Petri dish of the very policies Moore wants to roll out nationally for decades. However, it wasn’t any corporation that got Motown $20 billion in debt — almost $30,000 for each of its 700,000 residents.

For more details just speak with the people who have helped run the city into the ground. Some of them you’ll have to catch on visitation day.

Related side note: Moore is reportedly worth around $50 million. It would be interesting to see how rich he’d be if he wasn’t so vehemently anti-capitalist.

(h/t Twitchy)

**Written by Doug Powers

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  • Marc C.

    Let them eat… crumbs!!! Bail out Detroit, why should taxpayers be on the hook again for democrats’ absolutely atrocious leadership and overpaid city government employees and pensioners who, by the way, underfunded their own insurance and pension plans, buy off politicians with campaign contributions and votes and/or strong-arm them into agreeing to their bloated salaries and perks with strikes, we shouldn’t, PERIOD! It’s time people finally realize their are consequences for their actions and the idiots they elect, so let them suffer, they deserve it! Maybe from now on Detroit citizens, their government emloyees and most especially the politicians they elect will learn to live within their means, the rest of America does.

  • Howie Felterbush

    Mikey is gonna be worth less now that he’s getting divorced, though I bet he hires a high priced attorney to keep as much of the pie as possible, despite his rhetoric of spreading the wealth. I’m sure his ex wife will enjoy being able to engage in carnal activities again with the man on top.

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