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Of course: NBC to produce four-hour Hillary Clinton miniseries

By Doug Powers  •  July 27, 2013 05:18 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

As a product of the Hollywood left, I can’t wait for the dramatic ending where Hillary bravely but unsuccessfully parachutes into Benghazi to personally attempt a rescue.

From Deadline:

At the top of NBC‘s TCA presentation, entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt announced that it has put in development four event series/miniseres as part of its push in the arena. They include 4-hour miniseries Hillary, about Hillary Clinton to star Diane Lane.

Oscar nominee Courtney Hunt (Frozen River) will script the project which recounts Clinton’s life as a wife, mother, politician and cabinet member from 1998 to the present as she goes from First Lady to US Senator and then Secretary of State.

Asked whether the mini would approach Clinton as a great tough woman or a controversial figure, Greenblatt said, “it’s going to be all of those things.”

According to FEC records, Greenblatt donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2007/2008. No doubt the miniseries will be a very critical and brutally honest four hour campaign ad for Hillary 2016.

The parts of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky haven’t been cast yet. Feel free to make your actor nominations.

Here’s how the Hollywood casting would have played out if Hillary were a Republican:

**Written by Doug Powers

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  • Mike Lurz

    Wow, you know that I’m a parasite and the cause of this country’s problems by a post asking for people to deal with issues instead of petty personal attacks… Care to share your incredible insight?

  • Mike Lurz

    Don’t look now, she’s not in office. If you have some real evidence of wrong doing, by ALL MEANS bring it forth so she has to face the music, if not let’s stop with the stupid diversions, and spend our time more wisely

  • Mike Lurz

    Btw, parasites don’t pay taxes, which I guess proves you wrong..

  • Searath

    Diane Lane as Hillary? Who’s the blind bat that made that decision. Going to take a lot of heavy make up to make Diane look that part!!!

  • aimspader

    I nominate Russell Brand to portray Bill Clinton, and myself to play the part of Lewinsky. I’m a dead-ringer for her, especially when I’m wearing my navy blue dress, a beret, and smoking a Swisher Sweet.

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