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Toxic little rumor: Alec Baldwin getting a show on MSNBC

By Doug Powers  •  August 8, 2013 11:49 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


According to Mediaite, MSNBC has neither confirmed nor denied this story, but in fairness to the cable net they were kind of busy because Thursday is the day they change out the Obama posters in Chris Matthews’ dressing room:

Mediaite has learned from a senior source in the cable news industry with knowledge of MSNBC’s programming that actor Alec Baldwin is getting his own weekly show in MSNBC’s primetime lineup.

According to our source, the so far untitled show will air Fridays at 10 p.m. ET and will feature a large dose of Baldwin’s outspoken liberal politics.

The gig would make sense, considering Baldwin’s long history with the NBC family. He starred on the network’s award-winning sitcom 30 Rock for seven years, has frequently hosted Saturday Night Live, and hosted the network’s American airing of 2007′s Live Earth concert. Most important, Baldwin’s fiercely liberal and often combative political views make sense for a network that has become the place for progressive viewpoints on cable.

Suggested titles for Baldwin’s show are pouring in. Rumor has it MSNBC is already rounding up Baldwin’s staff, which will consist only of an elite team of employees who are so tough that they didn’t quit back when they had to work with Keith Olbermann. Then they’re expected to be locked in used concert port-o-sans and rolled down rocky hillsides for the necessary toughening up in preparation for working with an outburst-prone actor who has a greater chance of a meltdown than a nuclear reactor designed by a congressional committee led by Sheila Jackson Lee.

If the story is true, it’s another desperate attempt by MSNBC to make Al Sharpton look like the rational one.

**Written by Doug Powers

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