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Axelrod: Obamacare law will have to be adjusted as we go along

By Doug Powers  •  August 16, 2013 01:30 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


In other words, Axelrod’s saying it’s only common sense to have to do “on the fly” repairs to a bill that was rammed through with no regard for common sense.

From The Hill:

Former Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod suggested Friday that further changes to the president’s signature health care law are on the horizon.

Asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” if the administration would tweak the law after it is implemented in 2014, Axelrod said, “I have to believe that’s going to be the case.”

“Any program like this has to be adjusted along the way,” Axelrod said, pointing to the complexity of the overhaul. “Anytime you implement something like this … there will be changes and there should be changes along the way.”

In other words, they know this is going to be a train wreck and the best they can hope to do is try and stay one step ahead of the overloaded locomotive and fix the broken track before the train gets to it, then jump ahead to another section and do the same. It’d be a funny spectacle if we all were aboard the train.

Imagine the outrage if the Bush administration made massive unilateral changes to laws passed by Congress.

Spotted in the comments:

The future of all legislation. Congress passes law, consisting of blank pages and the president and regulatory bureaucrats fill in the blank pages.

But only during Democrat administrations.

**Written by Doug Powers

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