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The RNC’s horrific open-borders pandering

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 21, 2013 09:19 AM


The RNC’s horrific open-borders pandering
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2013

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus had a message last week for outspoken conservatives who support strict immigration enforcement policies: Shut up.

Yes, the head of the RNC is more concerned about protecting the party’s Hispanic vote-pandering campaign than protecting law-abiding citizens from the devastating consequences of illegal immigration.

At the RNC’s annual summer meeting in Boston, Priebus complained that openly advocating self-deportation policies during last year’s election season was “horrific” and that rule-of-law rhetoric “hurts us.” Yes, really.

So is it OK to discuss during off-year election cycles? Leap years? Weekends? Holidays? Can the GOP sensitivity police let us in on their approved immigration discussion calendar?

Priebus has yet to explain what exactly is “horrific” about telling foreign rule-breakers that they shouldn’t wait for the government to eject them, and that the right thing for them to do would be to abide by our laws and go home on their own. This is an exceedingly and ridiculously polite policy suggestion, given how most other countries treat illegal line-jumpers, border-crossers, visa overstayers and deportation fugitives.

But Priebus treats the idea as if it were an international human rights violation.

Tellingly, the RNC chair has no response to the families of all races, classes and creeds who have raised their voices against America’s perilous deportation abyss, systematic non-enforcement and coddling of illegal alien DREAMers who have wreaked violence and havoc on their lives.

The relatives of murdered Los Angeles teen Jamiel Shaw posed a question to Priebus on Twitter after the RNC chair’s remarks at the GOP event last week touting minority outreach and diversity: “How many Americans Have U Talked To Whose Kids were Killed by illegals?”

Priebus has not answered.

As I first reported in 2008, 17-year-old Jamiel was gunned down by 19-year-old illegal alien Mexican gang member Pedro Espinoza. Young Espinoza was smuggled into the U.S. illegally when he was a toddler, just like all of the DREAMers the open-borders propagandists are always extolling in sweeping terms.

One day after he was released from jail for serving time for assault with a deadly weapon, this known illegal alien gang-banger was back on the streets. The feds failed to deport him. Local authorities failed to detain him. Espinoza celebrated his freedom by shooting star student athlete Jamiel execution-style in the head for carrying a red Spider-Man backpack, which the Latino 18th Street Gang thug mistook for gang colors. Jamiel’s mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, had to travel home from serving in Iraq on her second tour of duty to join her family in burying her son.


Illegal alien teen killer Espinoza was sentenced to death last fall. Grieving parents Anita and Jamiel Sr. and their loved ones have valiantly kept Jamiel’s memory alive by supporting efforts to repeal dangerous illegal alien sanctuary laws, spotlighting lapses in detention and deportation policy, calling attention to violent illegal alien gangs targeting blacks in L.A, and opposing reckless bipartisan amnesty proposals.

As Mr. Shaw told Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle: “Just because you were brought here under no fault of your own doesn’t mean you give amnesty to everybody.” Amen. And instead of phony promises of enforcement later for blanket amnesty now, we need immediate reform of our bloodstained, loophole-ridden, under-funded and systemically sabotaged criminal alien detention and deportation system. Pronto.


Jamiel Shaw’s family members are vigilant community organizers against illegal immigration. But their activism will never be hailed by Hollywood, The New York Times op-ed page, the White House or the RNC’s elitist open-borders outreach panderers. Mr. Shaw, who testified at a House GOP panel hearing on the horrific consequences of our failed deportation policies earlier this summer, warns astutely that Republicans are “up to something” as they prepare to cut deals with open-borders Democrats in conference.

I think he’s right. I also believe it’s no coincidence that the RNC is now publicly marginalizing those who dare to challenge the rose-colored DREAMer propaganda of McCain-Graham-Rubio-Ryan-Mark Zuckerberg-La Raza — just as the forces of Amnesty Incorporated conspire behind closed doors.

Question: Why won’t Priebus acknowledge the horrific suffering of the Shaws and countless other families who have been harmed by illegal alien nightmares? The political timing is inconveeeenient. Innocent lives be damned.


  • Sean

    Where do dinosaurs like Preivus get their power in the RNC?

  • http://mcaulufliwer.com Tara Hollingswirth

    Espinoza was not a white Hispanic – if he had been I am sure he would have been acquitted.

  • Nicholas Della Valle

    I am changing my party from republican to independent as soon as possible.
    The party no long represents my conservative views.

  • Sherry Dixon

    Tell it like it is, Michelle. Your one of the true outspoken Patriots who speak with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength! I admire your courage and endurance.

  • Ben McMinn

    We need grassroots Repulicans to demand Reince Priebus to resign. He’s just another progressive rhino with no backbone. Also as conservatives we need to throw out those who voted him chairman. It’s time conservatives take action and stop pandering to the left.

  • kevin ross

    Preibus should resign! !!!! He’s ruining the party!!!!!!!!

  • patti greene

    What i find shocking is that with all the stuff posted on FB lately regarding immigration, EVERY COMMENT IS FOR JAIL AND/OR DEPORTATION FOR ALL. No exceptions. Clearly this is the wish of the American people who elected these self-serving politicians. Yet they refuse to even discuss jail or deportation for the lawbreakers. Perhaps they think the illegals will hop to their defense when Americans finally revolt against everything washington dc is doing to us. I don’t see Americans quietly tolerating very much more. Do you? We did get our concealed carry laws after all.

  • http://FB Michele Baker

    I am raising my great niece @ nephew. They were born to my husbands niece and her illegal Mexican boy friend. She is an addict/ prostitute. The oldest now 7 and her younger brother 6. We have had them since they were 1 1/2 @ 2 1/2. Their father was arrested multiple times for domestic violence and rape, which produced the youngest child. charges were always dropped by mom. The kids were abandoned by mom. Dad finally arrested and this time turned over to ice. Parental rights were terminated and we adopted.despite a diligent search for both parents by the court neither parent was located and they were not notified. Now we find out dad is searching for the kids – we learned this from a relative who he was acquainted with. He is demanding to speak with the kids. We assume he is still in Mexico. However he knows where other family members live. There are area many stories like ours. A lot of our tax dollars have been spent on the shenanigans of these two people. We fear is that he may be trying use the kids to try to come back here. No amnesty !!! This an example of why …

  • http://pftexasplace.wordpress.com Carl

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