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Obama meets with Putin; No ‘re-set button’ this time, just a reported ‘historic death stare’

By Doug Powers  •  September 5, 2013 02:00 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

President Obama has arrived in Russia, and he shook hands with Vladimir Putin after arriving at Constantine Palace for the G-20 summit. The funniest way I’ve seen the meet-up reported was that Obama gave Putin an “historic death stare.” You be the judge, and feel free to caption this photo:

That’s not a “death stare” — this is a “death stare”:


The election of Obama was supposed to bring about an era of unprecedented worldwide warm hugs and global Shangri-la, and now we’re talking about “historic death stares”?

No matter what “look” foreign leaders get from Obama, I have a feeling this is what they see:


“Death stare” is an ever-exaggerated way to phrase the Obama/Putin greeting — this is more of a “give me back my re-set button” sort of handshake:

If the mood is sour now, wait until Putin informs Obama that Edward Snowden will be joining them for dinner. That would be a gesture that would definitely cross Obama’s the world’s “red line.”


Actual NBC News headline: “Dominant Obama meets a cool Putin.”

The thrill is not gone at NBC News.

**Written by Doug Powers

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