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Dueling Headlines; ‘Romney wants war with Syria’ edition

By Doug Powers  •  September 6, 2013 10:14 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

What a difference a year makes.





As Glenn Reynolds might say, “they told me if I voted for Mitt Romney we might get into a war in Syria and our leader would have too much ‘go it alone bravado,’ and they were right.”

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**Written by Doug Powers

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  • http://jeffwalters2013.wordpress.com jeffwters2013

    Obama isn’t going to do squat in Syria. He is gonna lay it in the lap of the Republicans who are preventing Superman from saving the world.
    Notice we’re not talking about Benghazi, Egypt, NSA,IRS, Fast & Furious, the DOJ. This is all a distraction. Remember never let a crisis go to waste. This one is the best “take your eye off the ball” to date.
    Our Reluctant Warrior President is setting precedent by going to Congress. Why didn’t he do it when he bombed Libya for 6 months? Cause he wanted to bomb Libya!!.

  • kevin ross

    This just shows how gullible and stupid the American people are. To be duped by Crazy Joe is mind boggling. God help us.

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