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Jeb Bush’s latest Common Core snit fit

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 20, 2013 09:18 AM



Here’s a new installment of my Rotten to the Core series on education and curriculum. See below for previous columns and background links. The fight for local control, limited government, and fiscal accountability and the fight against Big Governnment/Big Business/Fed Ed elites continue. Press on!

Jeb Bush’s latest Common Core snit fit
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2013

This is priceless. Former Fla. GOP Gov. Jeb Bush, consummate politician and 2016 presidential aspirant, has now bitterly accused opponents of his federal education schemes of possessing “purely political” motives. Projection, anyone?

Having previously suggested that critics of the so-called Common Core standards program are crazy, ignorant and lying, Bush piled on at a National Press Club appearance this week. Jeb the Insult Comic Dog did not hold back. Not only is the growing anti-Fed Ed movement of parents, teachers, school board members, academics, privacy advocates and state legislators of all stripes “purely political,” Bush sniped, but the Common Core backlash that’s causing him conniption fits is also opposed to academic excellence.

Yep. If you question Jeb Bush and his Big Business/Big Government cronies, you stand foursquare against student achievement and intellectual rigor. Pay attention, all you informed moms and dads who have raised pointed, carefully researched questions about the costs, quality, validity, constitutionality and intrusiveness of Common Core. Bush thinks you are “purely political” beasts who are recklessly harming your own kids’ scholastic advancement.

“If you’re comfortable with mediocrity, fine. I’m not,” Bush hissed at Common Core critics. “(W)e’re not going to be able to sustain this extraordinarily exceptional country unless we challenge every basic assumption on how we do things.”

Translation: Don’t you know Jeb Bush cares more about your children than you do?

Bush is all for challenging how we do things, unless you’re challenging how the Common Core machine does things. He reiterated Common Core peddlers’ claims that their standards are internationally “benchmarked” and “world-class.” But that’s pure horse-hockey. And it’s not “political” people who are calling out the Common Core racket.

Stanford University professor James Milgram, a prominent dissenting member of the Common Core math standards committee, has exposed how the muddled standards would leave American students at least two years behind the rest of the planet.

University of Arkansas education professor emeritus and Massachusetts school standards architect Sandra Stotsky, who sat on the language arts validation panel, has documented how the English standards will result in:

1) teachers spending at least 50 percent of their reading instruction time on “informational texts” at every grade level.

2) reduced emphasis on analytical skills involving complex literary works.

3) a depleted fund of content knowledge that will leave students unprepared for basic college coursework.

Both Stotsky and Milgram repeatedly asked their panel colleagues for the names of the countries the Common Core standards were allegedly “benchmarked” to, but they never received an answer.

Furthermore, Christopher Tienken of Seton Hall University notes that much of the “evidence” and “empirical research” that the Common Core crowd cites comes from … the Common Core crowd. “When I reviewed that ‘large and growing body of knowledge,'” Tienken reported, “I found that it was not large, and in fact built mostly on one report, Benchmarking for Success, created by the NGA (National Governors Association) and the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers), the same groups that created these standards. Hardly independent research.”

Jeb Bush routinely has dismissed those who protest Common Core’s increasing federalization of local control over schools as conspiracy-mongers. But it’s President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan who’ve made common cause with Bush and corporate elites in foisting Common Core standards, tests, technology and data-mining boondoggles on local school districts. Obama, Duncan and Bush have been meeting with deep-pocketed CEOs in Washington, not with ordinary parents outside the Beltway.

Dr. Bill Evers of the Hoover Institution succinctly debunked Bush’s repeated insistence that 45 states voluntarily adopted the irresistibly rigorous standards:

“(S)tates weren’t leaping because they couldn’t resist the Core’s academic magnetism. They were leaping because it was the Great Recession — and the Obama administration was dangling a $4.35 billion Race to the Top carrot in front of them. Big points in that federal program were awarded for adopting the Core, so, with little public debate, most did.”

Can you spell b-o-o-n-d-o-g-g-l-e? Remember: Bush’s educational foundation, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, is tied at the hip to the federally funded testing consortium called PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers), which raked in $186 million through Race to the Top to develop nationalized tests “aligned” to the top-down Common Core program.

One of the Bush foundation’s behemoth corporate sponsors is Pearson, the multi-billion-dollar educational publishing and testing conglomerate. Pearson snagged $23 million in contracts to design the first wave of PARCC test items. The company holds a $250 million contract with Florida to design and publish its state tests. Pearson designed New York’s Common Core-aligned assessments and is also the exclusive contractor for Texas state tests.

And in Los Angeles this summer, Pearson sealed a whopping $30 million taxpayer-subsidized deal to supply the city’s schools with 45,000 iPads pre-loaded with Pearson Common Core curriculum apps. That’s $678 per iPad, $200 more than the standard cost, with scant evidence that any of this shiny edu-tech will do anything to improve the achievement bottom line.

As with all political posers who grab power under the guise of doing it “for the children,” don’t read their lips. Follow the money.



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  • http://ibscipio.wordpress.com @IBScipio

    There is a better than average chance that the PTB have the oval office intended for this man. He is wrongfully disregarding parent’s wishes in order to force upon this nation FEDERALLY INSTITUTIONALIZED POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION IN ALL LOCAL PUBLIC SCHOOLS for the purpose of “educating” the nation’s future generations, but only in the subjects and as completely as the federal government deems “necessary for national security”.

    This is Jeb Bush making compulsory the dumbing-down of future Americans.

    For what purpose? Toward what aim? What is his desired result?

    What is it about a person who is dumb as a post, and whose loyalties are to the state instead of their family?

    They are…..

    – More easily trained to be soldiers whether volunteers or not.
    – Unable and unwilling to question or hold accountable authority
    – Easily manipulated by authority figures
    – Accepting of fallacious emotional arguements over principles
    – Far less prone to dissent or protest
    – Willing to consume anything authority figures deem safe to consume

    This list is obviously far from complete. What is complete are the plans for the “consumption” of human beings deemed “expendable” not by the need of a greater societal or humanitarian good, but to feed the war machine so their corrupted pals can make an illgotten gain they re-brand as a fair profit.

    I have no children, yet. That doesn’t absolve me of the responsibility of taking reasonable actions to try and change it. I know the children I don’t have yet would be grateful for not dooming them to this before they were even born.

    This man cannot be allowed to gain high office. This is no longer a GOP vs. Democrat issue. This is an issue of the most important freedom of all. Intellectual freedom within one’s own mind.

  • http://ibscipio.wordpress.com @IBScipio

    I poated a substantial comment here. The comment has, as of this writing……disappeared. censorship by any website while legal, is a subversion of the first ammendment of the constitution.

  • J gore

    Michelle, I too had attended a meeting similiar to this in my hometown. The event was sponsered by a grass roots organization that is made up of parents whose children attend public schools. The name of the organization is Carroll Values Education. There is another organization called the parent guides who have been trained by the Carroll County Board of Ed. They are a group of parents who are to help other parents navigate the issue of common core standards. In the meeting I attended, the questions were vetted by this group of guides. We too had to sit for over an hour to listen to the presenters read from bull let points that, for the most part were bits of information that were pulled from web sites that I had visited. The questions were soft balled to the presenters and the question and answer session was cut woefully short. The sound system was really bad and there were requests that it be addressed so that everyone could hear, to no avail. It was awful. I got the impression it was carefully scripted. The real shame is the Parent Guides. These folks are willfully acting as front runners to this program in which their children are participating. You can obtain information from the parent guides from the web site from Carroll County Public schools in Maryland. Carroll Values education has their own Facebook page.

  • http://Michellemalkin.com Freedom_road

    Exactly why we don’t need the likes of Jeb and Christie running for president. Always look for the money trail or the setup which begins in public office.

  • karen bracken

    I am a 64 year old retired great grandmother trying to stop HIS political agenda to destroy education. Now tell me what political aspirations me and thousands of others just like me have?? This is what progressives fo when backed up against a wall. They have no facts just attacks and
    Rhetoric. I should be on a cruise ship enjoying my retirement after years of slave labor supporting a corrupt government but no I am out here trying to clean up their mess. I challenge Mr. Bush to put his money where his mouth is and meet with us old folks that he thinks are politically motivated.

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