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RINO attack: Dems yielded time to John McCain so he could defend Obamacare, my friends

By Doug Powers  •  September 25, 2013 02:15 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

That’s defEnd, not defUnd, naturally.

Towards the end of Ted Cruz’s marathon speech, Harry Reid attempted to get Cruz to yield some of his time to John McCain. Cruz, knowing what that would bring, didn’t fall for it:

When Cruz wouldn’t give up Republican time, after his speech, the Dems had 15 minutes of time, and yielded some of that to John McCain:

McCain delivered… for the Democrats of course:

Senator John McCain spoke on the Senate floor soon after Senator Ted Cruz left it, arguing that even if a senator doesn’t like Obamacare, President Obama was reelected and we should all “respect the outcomes of elections which reflect the will of the people.”

Chuck Schumer thanked McCain for his “outstanding remarks as usual.”

Back when Bush was president, how many Democrat senators said “we should respect the outcomes of elections which reflect the will of the people” and dropped opposition to Dubya?

McCain’s right in saying that “elections have consequences” though, and he’s proof of that. Maybe we can convince Larry the Cable Guy to primary Maverick in 2016.

**Written by Doug Powers

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