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Pitiful: AmberAlert.gov offline due to shutdown, but other sites up and running

By Doug Powers  •  October 6, 2013 10:29 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Believe it or not, even though not even 20 percent of the government is actually “shut down,” the federal government’s Amber Alert site has been taken offline, so reports Twitchy.

A look at AmberAlert.gov finds only this:


Futile suggestions: If the Obama administration would divert any of the money being spent to pay people to put up barricades at memorials and monuments, place traffic cones to prevent people from getting roadside glimpses of Mt. Rushmore, and police portions of the ocean, I’m sure enough funding could be scraped together to keep the Amber Alert site up to date.

Somehow though, a different site on the dot-gov domain has not gone dark due to the shutdown. “Let’s Move” is still up and running. Go figure.

Update: Amber Alert site back up?

**Written by Doug Powers

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  • Kevin Dean

    Obama is an elitist. You see it every time he speaks when he turns his nose up to the nation telling everyone that “daddy” knows best. He has not done anything responsible since taking office so of course he would make it so children can be abducted while his wife retains her ability to make fat people feel bad. I can’t stand this guy or his wife. 3 billion dollars in vacations and a debt increase of biblical proportions. Then they give themselves raises as if to pat themselves on the back for destroying our country. Well, isn’t the death of America the dreams of his father. Take your daddy issues somewhere else Obama! Just because your deadbeat father left you and your mom brainwashed you into thinking he was a great man doesn’t mean the nation should pay her mistakes. Your daddy was a drunk and hated America and all that made her great! Oh what I would give for you and your socialist party member wife to see this message! Because like the Government I want a chance to piss you off and you not be capable of doing anything about it.

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