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Obama vs. Obama: Was passing Obamacare a smart political thing to do?

By Doug Powers  •  November 29, 2013 11:39 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Today, President Obama will debate President Obama on the following:

Resolved: The passage of Obamacare was politically stupid.

President Obama argued in the affirmative this week in a handwritten letter to an Obamacare critic, where he wrote this:

“I believe that health care reform will be the right thing for the country . . . It certainly wasn’t the smart ‘political’ thing! And I hope that in the months to come, you will keep an open mind and evaluate it based not on the political attacks but on what it does or doesn’t do to improve people’s lives. Sincerely, Barack Obama.”

Less than two months ago, Obama argued against when he said the 2012 election was at least partly a referendum on Obamacare:

The Affordable Care Act is a law that passed the House, it passed the Senate, the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. It was a central issue in last year’ election. It is settled. And it is here to stay.

The judges have unanimously declared the loser of this debate to be the American people.

**Written by Doug Powers

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