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CMS report on HealthCare.gov: Web team operating at ‘private sector velocity and effectiveness’

By Doug Powers  •  December 3, 2013 11:20 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Naturally, if “private sector velocity” is what you’re after, the first thing you do is take the operation away from the private sector and give it to the public sector to run so hundreds of millions of dollars can be spent in a futile attempt to re-create that wheel.

From a recent CMS report on the progress, or lack thereof, of HealthCare.gov:

Over the last five weeks, substantial progress has been made improving HealthCare.gov and getting the system to where it needs to be:

  • Hundreds of software fixes, hardware upgrades and continuous monitoring have measurably improved the consumer experience
  • Site capacity is stable at its intended level
  • Operating metrics are greatly improved, and activity levels demonstrate the site is working for consumers
  • While there is more work to be done, the team is operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness, and will continue their work to improve and enhance the website in the weeks and months ahead. The following charts provide data on the systems enhancements that have been executed, and the resulting improvements in the site’s key operating metrics over the last several weeks.

    The site also has the security level of a private sector bank — provided that bank doesn’t have doors and a guard.

    This is what happens when the public sector tries to operate at “private sector velocity”:

    **Written by Doug Powers

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