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Please pass the Pepto: Rep. Alan Grayson seeks ‘friends with benefits’

By Doug Powers  •  December 12, 2013 11:39 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

“‘Friends with benefits,’ anyone? Anyone?”

Rep. Alan Grayson must have found out that the FEC will toss a quarter into campaign coffers every time a candidate successfully makes constituents’ skin crawl.

From Red Alert Politics:

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) has had some weird and offensive fundraising emails before. But his new “friends with benefits” plea is probably his creepiest.

On Wednesday morning, the Florida Democrat sent out an email with the subject line “TODAY ONLY: Friends With Benefits.” Inside, it detailed how Grayson’s “sustainers” — people who donate small amounts to his re-election campaign on a monthly basis — will now be dubbed “friends with benefits.”

The fundraising email contains this image:


Yikes. That’s a political fundraising version of “can you help me load a couch into that windowless van?”

One of the “benefits” received for those who donate to Grayson’s campaign is that the congressman will stoop to… answering questions:

As part of the “friends with benefits” program those providing monthly support to the Democrat will be eligible for certain perks. One is reportedly the ability to ask the congressmen questions and get answers back from him. All on video.

If the “Friends with Benefits” push works for Grayson’s campaign, brace for “Buck Buddies”: Donate a dollar and Grayson will include your name on the closing credits of his next “Tea Party is racist” rant.

**Written by Doug Powers

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