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MSNBC host semi-apologizes for mockery of Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson

By Doug Powers  •  December 31, 2013 12:27 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


Live by racial obsession, die by racial obsession:

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry apologized Tuesday for openly mocking Mitt Romney’s black adopted grandson, after Sarah Palin led the chorus of conservatives who criticized the cable news host.

The Romney family Christmas card was among the items featured in the “2013: The year in political ridiculousness” segment on the cable news show Sunday.

In the photo, the former Republican presidential candidate and his wife Ann, who are both white, sit in the center of their 22 grandchildren. Nestled on Mitt’s knee is one toddler grandson and on his other knee he holds baby Kieran James, the adopted infant son of Mitt’s son, Ben, and his wife, Andelyne. His adoption was announced in September.

The Romneys, who are devout Mormons, have regularly showcased their five adult sons and their ever-growing brood.

After the image flashed on the screen during the show, actress Pia Glenn broke out in song, singing, “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same.”

“That little baby, front and center, would be the one,” said Glenn, who was among the four panel members who joined Harris-Perry for the segment.

Harris-Perry’s so-so Twitter apology is here, but the people most deserving of an apology are any MSNBC viewers she’s managed to successfully convince that non-liberals are the ones obsessed by skin color.

Here’s the segment in question:

That’s exactly the kind of stuff they often accuse Republicans doing. MSNBC should come up with some sort of apology generator for their hosts who get caught in traps set by their own projection.

**Written by Doug Powers

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  • http://aspiringconservative.wordpress.com coltonp97

    They complain about a lack of diversity within the Republican Party, but attack them for promoting diversity. Mind blown. Double standard.

    I also covered this story on my blog. Check it out when you get a chance! http://www.aspiringconservative.wordpress.com

  • kevin ross

    Harris-perry is a dimwitted whore!!!!!! Nuff said!!!!!

  • Kim Cannon

    The most important issue resulting from the Harris-Perry commentary on the Romney family photo is missing from the conversations I have seen. I would really appreciate it if someone with a voice out there would highlight it. My adopted daughter with a skin tone different than mine struggles greatly with being noticeably different from her family when we are in public. She is self-conscious in church. In the neighborhood. Anywhere we are all seen together. And she is not alone – it is a common struggle for adopted kids. Ultimately the people most hurt by Harris-Perry’s comments are the ones most vulnerable – The adopted kids and even some adopted adults who read and listen to news. For Harris-Perry has just confirmed one of their deepest insecurities – that they don’t actually belong. And all done for a laugh and a dig at the Republican Party at large. Mitt and other adults can let it roll off their backs – but the adopted among us may feel it deeply. And those that love them will have to redouble their efforts to speak love and healing to their already insecure and wounded hearts.

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