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Tamera Mowry is not alone

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 15, 2014 09:43 AM

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Tamera Mowry is not alone
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2013

This made my heart ache and my blood pressure spike: Actress Tamera Mowry, who is black, wept in an interview with Oprah Winfrey over the vile bigotry she has encountered because of her marriage to Fox News reporter Adam Housley, who is white. Misogynist haters called Mowry a sellout and a “white man’s whore.” International news outlets labeled the Internet epithets she endured “horrific” and “shocking.”

Horrific? Yes. Shocking? Not at all. What Mowry experienced is just a small taste of what the intolerance mob dishes out against people “of color” who love, think and live the “wrong” way. I’ve grown so used to it that I often forget how hurtful it can be. Mowry’s candor was moving and admirable. It’s also a valuable teachable moment about how dehumanizing it can be to work in the public eye. Have we really sunk to this?

Young actresses in the 21st century forced to defend their love lives because their marital choices are politically incorrect? We’re leaning backward in the regressive Age of Hope and Change.

Let’s face it: Mowry’s sin, in the view of her feckless detractors, is not merely that she married outside her race. It’s also that she is so open about her love for a white man who — gasp! — works for reviled Fox News. Neither of them is political, but the mere association with Bad Things (Fox, conservatives, capitalism, the tea party, Christian activism, traditional values) is an invitation for unabashed hate.

The dirty open secret is that a certain category of public figures has been routinely mocked, savaged and reviled for being partners in interracial marriages or part of loving interracial families (for a refresher, see the video clip of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and friends cackling at the holiday photo of Mitt Romney holding his black adopted grandson in his lap).

And the dirty double standard is that selectively compassionate journalists and pundits have routinely looked the other way — or participate directly in heaping on the hate.

Have you forgotten? Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was excoriated by black liberals for being married to wife Virginia, who happens to be white. The critics weren’t anonymous trolls on the Internet. They worked for major media outlets and institutions of higher learning. USA Today columnist Barbara Reynolds slammed Thomas and his wife for their colorblind union: “It may sound bigoted; well, this is a bigoted world and why can’t black people be allowed a little Archie Bunker mentality? … Here’s a man who’s going to decide crucial issues for the country and he has already said no to blacks; he has already said if he can’t paint himself white he’ll think white and marry a white woman.”

Howard University’s Afro-American Studies Chair Russell Adams accused Thomas of racism against all blacks for falling in love with someone outside his race. “His marrying a white woman is a sign of his rejection of the black community,” Adams told The Washington Post. “Great justices have had community roots that served as a basis for understanding the Constitution. Clarence’s lack of a sense of community makes his nomination troubling.”

California state Senate Democrat Diane Watson taunted former University of California regent Ward Connerly after a public hearing, spitting: “He’s married a white woman. He wants to be white. He wants a colorless society. He has no ethnic pride. He doesn’t want to be black.”

Mowry is not alone. The Thomases and the Connerlys are not alone. Poisonous attempts to shame are an old, endless schoolyard game played by bullies who never grow up and can’t stand other people’s happiness or success.

Time doesn’t lessen the vitriol or hostility. Take it from someone who knows. “Oriental Auntie-Tom,” “yellow woman doing the white man’s job,” “white man’s puppet,” “Manila whore” and “Subic Bay bar girl” are just a few of the printable slurs I’ve amassed over the past quarter-century. You wouldn’t believe how many Neanderthals still think they can break you by sneering “me love you long time” or “holla for a dolla.” My IQ, free will, skin color, eye shape, productivity, sincerity, maiden name and integrity have all been ridiculed or questioned because I happen to be a minority conservative woman happily married to a white man and the mother of two interracial children who see Mom and Dad — not Brown Mom and White Dad.

Mowry’s got the right attitude. She wiped away her tears and told Oprah that haters wouldn’t drag her down. Brava. Live, laugh, think and love without regrets. It’s the best revenge and the most effective antidote to crab-in-the-bucket syndrome.

  • kevin ross

    This is how the liberals rollthey spew their racist hate and views while they preach tolerance, such hypocrites.

  • Darren Hallam

    It is indeed a sad day when to adults regardless of color have to defend there love.

    Hope and Change? I want it back. We once had hope and change was making a good thing better.


  • http://thefedupconservative.wordpress.com libertybelle38

    Reblogged this on The Fed Up Conservative and commented:
    A great piece by an even greater conservative. God bless, Michelle.

  • Rodney Gilder

    Does anyone besides me remember Jesse Jackson paying black men to marry across racial bounderies? There are hundreds of black atheletes married to white women. That’s OK?????

  • Tom Horton

    Thanks for your input. Love your work for common sense!!!

  • Don

    You go Michele. I am married to a Filipina and have a daughter who is half white
    I don’t hesitate to stand up for them when I hear those type slurs. We think you are wonderful and proud of what you stand for and represent.

  • http://danadams73.wordpress.com Hip-Hop Conservative

    Reblogged this on Hip-Hop Conservative.

  • http://worldpress.com christian e.g.

    As always Michelle Malkin is spot-on and she has once again hit it out of the park. I myself could be considered the embodiment of what the shortsighted bigoted Left should despise and being hated by the left gives me great joy. You see, as a garden variety white man from a white family, i might be expected to “marry within my tribe” but i not only have my loving, asian-filipina wife, i don’t ever remember finding white women physically attractive at all. Please don’t misunderstand, i have nothing against white women and even found some to be very good conversationalists and friends, like one of the guys. But when it comes to romantic attraction, for me a woman could not look like she could be my sister or cousin. Growing up in admirably-diverse Santa Barbara California, i was exposed from childhood to the choice of what attracted me. Once as a 15-year-old walking my bike home with nothing on my mind but an AC/DC song, i encountered a breathlessly-beautiful Asian girl probably about 3 years older than me or so and when she greeted me and started up conversation with in that sharp, California-college-girl accent, i found myself swept away and transported and mesmerized by her beauty and she seemed to think how “sweet” it was for me to be so taken by her as i stammered nervously about how i lived over on the Mesa area. In the ensuing years i found out that latinas had a similar effect on me and women who look like the Mowry sisters, well… uh yeah!
    And so for years i struggled to decide which type i was most in love with and after having a half-Sioux Indian biological daughter for almost 17 years, and losing my baby to the plague of aerosol-huffing, i realize that dark eyes and hair and skin tone are not all i should look for in a woman. Character and morality and agreement with my Christian Faith should be topmost among my demands. As it turns out, God is most gracious and sometimes gives us what er need and in His benevolence, also our heart’s desire. He shows me with my wonderful filipina wife that while virtue and character are most important, there is indeed a place in marriage for intense physical attraction. Praises be to Almighty God, the creator of marital happiness! And pity the bigoted Left for feckless social engineers and cultural nannies of political correctness! Aha!

  • http://michellemalkin.com Bridget Flynn

    Thank you, Michelle, for bringing this up. The same is true on the other side of the coin, my daughter dates a.black man and has heard no shortage of hateful things, many of which came from blacks themselves. How is it in 2014 this is still an issue? Where are all the activists now??!!

  • Norman Jacinto

    Well said Michelle! I’m proud to be a minority conservative also! Bravo and God bless you for what you do!

  • Nica

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to compare Tamera Mowry to to Clarence Thomas or Thomas Clarence whatever his name is.long before black people found out he married a white woman we didn’t like his views on what he thought about the black community anyways. He was very pro white and black was bad. As far as the the husband and her husband who works for Fox News I could care less if you love him girl I like him now granted it is a shame he went over to the enemy fox news but we won’t hold that against him as long as she’s happy. as far as Mitt Romney is concerned I do think he’s prejudiced. is anyone ever listen to his speeches and what he said during his campaign runs no there’s not a doubt in my mind. His children may not be that way and that’s fine but him yeah. People need to understand that we’re going to live in a world where they don’t like to see you still to this day interracial dating I have dated outside my ethnicity since the first time I started dating in Iran has goals on both sides of the border Black folk don’t like it especially black men I could care less! Just do you.

  • Gary

    Michele I love you and appreciate your hard work in telling the truth but know that God is control of all things. Evil is leaking into this world and Gods word tells us that those times will come. Those who believe in Christ will end in that freedom that you so fight for. We will be in the kingdom that He promises us. Don’t once think that you are not making a difference. Thank you

  • http://Jessilyn.miche.com Jessilyn

    I’m Filipino, my hubby Caucasian. We have two gorgeous adult biracial daughters. We are conservative Christians. In 2003 when the girls were teens, we were traveling from Seattle back home to L.A.
    When we stopped to eat at a country restaurant in Oregon, we were refused service. We were so hungry and tired we didn’t want to wait, so we went to Taco Bell. The only thing we could think of, was we were a mixed family. My girls were shocked. They’ve never experienced discrimination like that before. 2014 we still are discriminated upon. Because of our Christian and political beliefs.

  • http://leonbrunschvicg.wordpress.com aventerrien

    Reblogged this on L'horreur islamique and commented:
    Moi ça me révolte que des salauds à la solde d’Obama puissent faire pleurer ( et en plus devant Oprah Winfrey, qui n’attendait sans doute que cela) cette belle jeune femme noire uniquement coupable d’avoir aimé et épousé un blanc journaliste à Fox News…oui, très belle, autant que Michelle Malkin…seulement la différence c’est que personne ne fera jamais pleurer Michelle Malkin…comme il est dit dans “Casino” à propos de Nicky Santoro :”qui allait oser castagner Nicky? C’est lui la castagne…”

  • Dean

    Judging one another empowers the judge and has the potential to diminish the judged. And so it will continue.
    Subject of interracial relationships is passé. Some should be left to wallow in their ignorance, it is the best revenge. Mixing ethnic blood lines has the effect of creating a better human than ‘interbreeding’. Examples are everywhere. And why does Michelle have to be black or white when she has a parent from each culture? Consider her a strong confident black (Hapa) woman that can freely choose any mate that brings her the security love and happiness that we all hope for. Good for her.

  • Jeffrey Bowden

    All haters are coming out of the woodwork after the Obama administration proved that all attackers on traditional and conservative values, even when criminal, will not be prosecuted. Obama wants these attacks. Obama is as evil as they come.

  • PDH

    Well said

    • PDH

      Very good

  • Rob Wentz

    The mere fact that she came on the Oprah show and let tears fall shows it is dragging her down and that she lets it bother her. Oprah continues to support and project they very bigotry you describe is the problem. I don’t see her audience to blame, I blame her, Obama and the white left wing extreme loons. Nobody else cares. Really I love all races, and pray for Muslims to know Christianity and learn that it comes out of Grace and Love for all.
    In the mean time, I love that you are happy, and married to a fine man, and that you alert us to all the injustice in the world.


  • Kitty

    You really can’t fix “stupid”! The way to ignore the “rude” and obnoxious taunts is to pray for them and then live well, love much and enjoy life.

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