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Michelle Obama’s food label simplification for ‘confused and bewildered’ grocery shoppers will cost $2 billion

By Doug Powers  •  February 28, 2014 11:00 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

If Michelle Obama really cared about Americans having all the information necessary to make “informed choices” she would have had a stern chat with her husband long ago.

From CNS News:

In pitching new, improved nutrition labels at the White House on Thursday, first lady Michelle Obama tried to identify with women who do the grocery shopping for their families. Her message was aimed at mothers who want to buy healthy food and depend on labels to help them do that:

“So there you stood, alone in some aisle in a store, the clock ticking away at the precious little time remaining to complete your weekly grocery shopping, and all you could do was scratch your head, confused and bewildered, and wonder, is there too much sugar in this product? Is 50 percent of the daily allowance of riboflavin a good thing or a bad thing? And how on Earth could this teeny little package contain five whole servings?

“This stream of questions and worries running through your head when all you really wanted to know was, should I be eating this or not? Is this good for my kids or not? And if it is healthy, how much of it should I be eating?”

And of course, we can’t be “helped” without the assistance taking yet another bite out of our budgets:

The FDA estimates the Nutrition Facts overhaul alone will cost the industry about $2 billion.

The expense will of course be passed along to “confused and bewildered” (and soon to be broke) shoppers.

The current label is on the left, and the proposed new label is on the right. (via Politico)


Is that $2 billion worth of simplification?

The labels should be even easier than that — so simple that even “knuckleheads” can understand. Because of that, eventually I predict we’ll end up with just two nutrition labels…

1. FLOTUS approved:



2. Michelle Obama judges your choice:


**Written by Doug Powers

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