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Going full Biden: Veep of almost 6 years says ‘it’s time to take back America’

By Doug Powers  •  September 1, 2014 01:39 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Too funny:


That’s what Joe Biden told an audience in Detroit today. My wife and I were invited to his speech the other day via a union robo-call and I’m kind of sorry we didn’t go because we’ve always wanted to take another romantic trip back to 2008.

Forward to about the 20:00 mark if the time code trigger on the Dumb-O-Tron™ doesn’t work for some reason (or see the clip at Grabien):

The effectiveness of Biden’s “points” usually depend entirely on an ignorant audience (the Hope & Change guide book recommends a crowd ranging somewhere between “willfully ignorant” and “rock stupid” for full effectiveness), and now Joe’s even got to convince them that Obama/Biden haven’t been in the White House for going on six years — the first two of them with the Dems having carte blanche over Congress and the WH.

At least now we know what will be a finalist for Biden’s 2016 campaign slogan: “No, I’m not that Joe Biden.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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