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‘People’s Climate March’ crowd failing to fill in carbon footprints of Gore and DiCaprio

By Doug Powers  •  September 21, 2014 12:11 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

If the Goracle and DiCaprio look tired it’s probably because they both rode bicycles all the way to NYC:

“All we are saying, is give fleece a chance.”

To put the attendance at the “People’s Climate March” in New York City into perspective, authorities estimate that if the massive crowd was placed into the carbon footprints of Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio, it would almost fill up the pinky toe:

Activists mobilized in cities across the globe Sunday for marches against climate change, with one of the biggest planned for New York, where celebrities, political leaders and tens of thousands of people were expected.

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, former US vice president turned advocate Al Gore, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio were all due to take part in what organizers hope will be the largest climate change protest in history.

Why aren’t Gore and DiCaprio driving converted lunch trucks and selling carbon credits to the guilt-ridden?

Nothing says “let’s cut down on greenhouse gas emissions” than by creating traffic jams:

A massive march against climate change was set to roll into Midtown and the Upper West Side on Sunday, and commuters will have to be ready for bumper-to-bumper delays.

As CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported, the People’s Climate Change March is expected to draw about 100,000 people. They will jam their march route as they call for more government action to help the environment.

Some drivers are worried.

“I think it’s going to be a nightmare,” said motorist Paulo Flosi.

Burning extra fuel taking a detour might be preferable to driving down the road and seeing this coming at you:

Overheard at the march: “Miccah Sunrise, I think the mushrooms are turning on me!”

You can’t have a rally “for the climate” (whatever that means) without a healthy dose of anti-capitalism:

The secret to creating non-hypocritical free market lambasting eco muffins is in the cooking style:

Obligatory (language warning):


You can’t have a “cleaner environment NOW” rally without a lot of trash left behind.

**Written by Doug Powers

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