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Help wanted: Obama admin seeks Chief Corruption Smidgenizer; Must be able to start before November

By Doug Powers  •  September 25, 2014 05:36 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Experience at building stone walls preferred:

Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that he will resign after six years at the helm of the Justice Department.
Holder has agreed to remain in his post until the confirmation of his successor.

“In the months ahead I will leave the Department of Justice,” Holder said at the White House, thanking President Barack Obama for the “greatest honor of my professional life.”

To make the administration aware that you’re interested in this job opening, just sent your resume to James Rosen’s email address and use the subject line “HOW’S THE WEATHER IN PYONGYANG?”

The most ridiculous analysis of Holder’s resignation goes to Chuck Schumer:

Sounds like Chuck spent the night sleeping in an air-tight crawl space with several open cans of paint and a copy of “Roman–Etruscan Wars for Dummies.”

While we’re on the subject of the Justice Department, this was also in the news today:


Final job requirement: Willingness to take a big fall for your predecessor a must.

**Written by Doug Powers

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