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Doesn’t look like EVERY precaution is being taken with Ebola in Dallas

By Doug Powers  •  October 2, 2014 03:12 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

I’m watching a doctor and others on Fox News right now discussing the case of Ebola in Dallas, Texas. They’re asking “where are the precautions?”

Case in point:

I’m no epidemiologist, but that certainly doesn’t fall under the umbrella of “every added precaution is being taken.”

Neither does this — look at what the cleanup crew and bystander are wearing (or perhaps more importantly what they aren’t wearing):

The Ebola patient vomited outside that apartment building when being taken to the hospital.

Additionally, believe it or not, the Obama administration has no plans to restrict flights from West African countries getting ravaged by Ebola. We’re just going to continue to hope nobody else lies on their health questionnaires before boarding U.S.-bound flights? Sounds like a plan. A very, very dangerous plan.

**Written by Doug Powers

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