The dumbest thing you’ll read all weekend that’s not about Joe Biden

**Written by Doug Powers

If you have a HAZ-MAT suit, now would be a good time to give it a test run before risking a plunge into this particular cesspool of lunacy.

We already know that climate change has been blamed for Ebola in the U.S. What other scapegoat does that leave?

Try not to look directly into this abyss of idiocy:

Because you can’t spell “Ebola” without the “A” in NRA… and four other letters.

The complaint is that the Obama administration can’t get a Surgeon General nominee through the Senate because of his position on guns — as if he has the Ebola serum in his lab coat and the only way he can legally hand it over is confirmation. By the way, what party controls the Senate? The “NRA Party” obviously.

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Standard MSNBC disclaimer applies here:

**Written by Doug Powers

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