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Alison Grimes, true patriot: People have fought and died for my right to not admit I voted for Obama

By Doug Powers  •  October 13, 2014 09:09 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Late last week I said Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Grimes set the “gold standard” for dodging a question about whether she voted for Obama in 2008 and/or 2012. But at Monday night’s debate against Mitch McConnell, Grimes took that gold standard to a higher level.

Here’s the video with my best shot at a partial transcript. Short version: America’s finest have fought and died for her right not to answer the “who did you vote for” question:

“Our Constitution grants, here in Kentucky, the constitutional right for privacy at the ballot box — for a secret ballot. You have that right, Senator McConnell has that right, every Kentuckian has that right. And as secretary of state — the chief election official — I’m tasked with overseeing and making sure we’re enforcing all our election laws. And I’ve worked very closely, especially with the members of our military, to ensure the privacy at the ballot box — those that lay their life on that line…”

Here’s what I heard: “Look, our boys didn’t storm the beaches at Normandy just so 70 years later some fascist could ask me if I voted in favor of Hope & Change!”

Grimes said her refusal to say who she voted for was a “matter of principle.” Actually there are two principles that Grimes is trying to protect with her serial non-answer: Peter and Darwinian.

The following message is approved by the Founding Fathers:

**Written by Doug Powers

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