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Crowd so shocked a Dem candidate allowed Obama to campaign for him that some had to walk out

By Doug Powers  •  October 19, 2014 09:14 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

President Obama is in such demand these days that on Sunday he did his first — yes first — campaign appearance for a Democrat on the ballot next month. Obama was in Maryland campaigning for the Democrat candidate for governor, Anthony Brown, who either wanted the president to personally lobby on his behalf or was too slow to mount a successful retreat like so many other Dems.

This Reuters headline sums things up:


Maybe the audience was so stunned a Dem candidate accepted Obama’s help this year that they had to remove themselves from the room.

From New York Times First Draft:

Maybe it was the huge traffic jam that the 8,000 people in a Maryland high school gym were anticipating at the end of President Obama’s speech. Or maybe some people had decided that getting a quick picture of Mr. Obama was all they really wanted.

Whatever the reason, a noticeable stream of people — perhaps 200 or more — started filing out just minutes after the president started making his pitch for Anthony Brown, the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland.

Thousands of people at the event in Upper Marlboro heard every word, and as Mr. Obama’s aides fervently noted, there was an overflow room at the event, a testimony to the interest in the president’s appearance.

But it was hard not to notice that the crowd in at least some of the stands resembled that of a blowout baseball game in the sixth inning, when the less-than-die-hards have had enough.

Metaphor alerts aplenty for the upcoming elections:

Sure, but enough about explaining away anti-Dem sentiment at the polls next month — what about Ebola?

**Written by Doug Powers

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