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George Stephanopoulos: Ronald Klain is the communications and management expert government needs (wasn’t Obama supposed to be?)

By Doug Powers  •  October 19, 2014 01:06 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

President Obama’s choice of longtime Democrat hack Ronald Klain to be “Ebola Czar” was lauded by those who also believe we’re just a couple of political activists who are adept at doling out somebody else’s money away from the cure for cancer. George Stephanopoulos said this morning that Klain is just what “the government” needs.

From Newsbusters:

Speaking to weekend GMA host Dan Harris, Stephanopoulos insisted that “Ron Klain is an expert in communications, he’s an expert in management. That’s what the government needs right now.

By “the government” Stephanopoulos means “the Obama administration.” Hey, wasn’t Obama sold to the country as the management and communications expert the government (and America) needed?

So far the “communications and management expert” can’t even convince anybody to fast track paperwork:

Ron Klain, the newly announced White House Ebola “czar,” was spotted entering the White House at about 5:30 p.m., but did not attend the meeting because he hasn’t officially started, White House Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said. He is still completing paperwork and hopes to start in the next week, she said.

Klain has however already started to test out the training wheels even though his application and W-2 haven’t been fully processed by personnel:

Klain — whose official title will be “Ebola response coordinator” — did meet separately Saturday with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough “to start to get up to speed,” Palmieri said.

Doesn’t Klain bear a striking resemblance to the bumbling “not a scientist” in this Holiday Inn “Ebola” ad from 2001?

Very prescient, Holiday Inn.

**Written by Doug Powers

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