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Idiocracy update: Labor Secretary has brilliant idea to boost labor force participation

By Doug Powers  •  October 21, 2014 01:43 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


The labor force participation rate is at its lowest level since America was drowning its malaise in Billy Beer. Why is the U.S. labor force so small? According to Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who on his worst days makes Robert Reich look like a supply-sider, too few people are being paid not to work, or something:

Paid leave will improve the nation’s labor participation rate, currently at record lows, Labor Secretary Tom Perez said on Monday.

“It is a sleeper issue that will sleep no more,” Perez told a gathering at the National Press Club.

“Every first Friday of the month, the most frequently asked question I get, ‘What can you do, Tom, to increase labor force participation?’ Well, let’s talk about paid leave and let’s compare the United States with Canada,” Perez said.

“The labor force participation rate of women ages 25 to 54 in the year 2000 in the U.S. and Canada was virtually identical. Today, Canada is ahead of us by roughly 8 percentage points, in large measure because they have generous paid leave laws and they provide affordable access to affordable child care.

The first step on the road to economic recovery would be to get this guy fitted for a Marxist dunce cap (or maybe he could just borrow Nancy Pelosi’s). That said, I might agree with his motivation for paid leave as long as Perez is the first one paid to leave.

In the private sector, how would “paid leave” increase the size of the labor force if there are no jobs? That’s why people like Perez believe in the promise of government jobs, because those ridiculous theories are workable in the public sector utopia:


See? Paid leave works! Has Perez considered that maybe the private sector would have a little more time for paid leave if they weren’t so busy working to pay for the public sector’s paid leave?

The Perez full employment theory explained in just a few seconds here.

**Written by Doug Powers

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