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Obama question dodge of the day: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen twists self into pretzel

By Doug Powers  •  October 22, 2014 07:58 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

At yesterday’s New Hampshire Senate debate, incumbent Jeanne Shaheen didn’t deny that she’s voted with Obama 99 percent of the time (I was surprised it was that low), but when asked to answer yes or no to the question of whether Obama’s done a good job, Shaheen went into full “pretzel twist” mode:

The moderator should have asked her if she voted for Obama and it might have gotten really funny.

Other Dems are also attempting to run out the clock on this election, and Chris Matthews said “it’s like Obama has Ebola” (the leg thrill is still there, but it is now wearing a Haz-Mat suit).

**Written by Doug Powers

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