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Jonathan Gruber cashed in even more than previously thought; Update: And Obama JUST found out about all this

By Doug Powers  •  November 16, 2014 09:23 AM

**Written by Doug Powers


I’ve written in a couple other posts that Jonathan Gruber — the man Nancy Pelosi refers to as “WHO?” — was paid in excess of $400,000 for giving up the dirty truth about how the Affordable Care Act really functions.

As it turns out, that $400k figure came just from Gruber’s federal contracts. Gruber is being paid much more by the states where he was sent in order to let them in on the ACA’s dirty little secrets so they were under the impression the law wouldn’t cost them as much as they feared:

For ObamaCare “architect” Jonathan Gruber, the health law he helped design has been the gift that keeps on giving.

Gruber has come under blistering criticism since videos resurfaced of him saying the law passed due to the “stupidity” of Americans who didn’t understand its complexity.

Now, a series of government contracts totaling more than $2 million for consulting services provided by the Harvard-trained economics professor are coming under scrutiny.

Eight states hired Gruber to help design their health exchanges after he banked nearly $400,000 in 2009 through contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services, records show.

Gruber and a handful of colleagues got state contracts totaling $1.6 million over seven years from Michigan ($481,000), Minnesota ($329,000), Vermont ($400,000) and Wisconsin ($400,000), The Washington Post reported. He also advised Colorado, Connecticut, Maine and West Virginia.

It’s not clear how much those states added to his bank account.

By the time the final tally comes in I wouldn’t be surprised if Gruber will have been paid a dollar or more for every American who got a policy cancellation notice because of the ACA. No wonder Gruber seemed so wired when he talked about “stupid” voters. You could see the “cha-ching” in his eyes.


Well I must say this is no surprise: Obama had no idea what the guy his administration contracted starting in 2009 had been telling people all around the country until just now. Anybody who believes that is Gruber’s target audience.

Just for the sake of wild argument, let’s assume Obama’s telling the truth. That would almost be worse, because it would mean that his administration paid this guy hundreds of thousands of dollars (and states much more on top of that) for a long time to go around and, according to Democrats now distancing themselves from him, tell lies about Obamacare. And nobody in the administration was keeping track of what he was telling the states and reporting it back to the White House?

Looks like we have another candidate for “Lie of the Year.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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