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For those who think gun control PSA’s don’t contain enough bad advice…

By Doug Powers  •  December 22, 2014 07:17 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Kids, if you don’t like that gun in your house, toss it in your duffel bag, take it to school, and, after class, pull it out and toss it on your math teacher’s desk. He or she will thank you later after being released from the cardiac unit:

“This has been a public service announcement from the ‘National Endowment for the Dumbest Thing You Could Possibly Do.'”

It’s like an object lesson in irresponsibility:

Moreover, in the course of his little ploy, the kid breaks pretty much every law on the books. He takes a gun out of his house (not only is this felony burglary, but he’s not old enough to carry a firearm in public); he then takes that gun into a school (that’s against federal and state law); and, finally, he transfers it to a teacher without a background check, thereby breaking the very rule that progressives tell us is necessary to keep us all safe from gun violence. And for what, pray?

Or maybe there’s a deeper angle that I’m missing — perhaps the gun violence noir approach (i.e. “you think it might be leading up to a school shooting but guess again”) will put enough of a glint in noted gun safety expert Michael Bloomberg’s eye to fund this production to wider distribution.

New PSA coming soon: Concerned you’re too drunk to get behind the wheel? Drive over to the police station and surrender your license just to be safe.

**Written by Doug Powers

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