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Post-Christmas open thread, link-fest and indigestion recovery ward

By Doug Powers  •  December 26, 2014 12:34 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

A slightly belated Merry Christmas to everybody!

I was lucky to get through it without a heart attack even after seeing this around the tree:


Yeah, I know. It’s kind of a running gag in the family, and everybody avoids that thing like it’s the videotape in “The Ring.” I put it outside the front door on days I don’t want company.

Anyway, how about a post-Christmas open thread? We’re still trying to polish off some leftovers and then I need to go get some exercise. I’ve had so much prime rib, buttery potatoes and pie that if I had a blood test right now I think the med tech would give the sample a viscosity rating.

Here are a few things I ran across this morning to kick things off:


The opening of this CBS News story about President Obama’s Hawaiian vacation cracked me up:

After nearly a week of vacation in Hawaii, the president’s scorecard looks like this: four rounds of golf, three visits to the gym, a trip to the bowling alley and a hike through the wilds of Oahu.

It’s a fairly typical Hawaiian presidential getaway, filled with athletic pursuits for a relentlessly competitive commander in chief in search of a worthy adversary.

Baseball season will return in a few months and the super athletic president can go back to dominating opponents with his unhittable heater.


The media continues to get in its daily exercise by carrying Obama’s water:

Everything is awesome — pay no attention to last month’s elections!


Hillary Clinton is trying to head Elizabeth Warren off at the pass by shoring up support on the left. If that doesn’t work, Bill will take one for the team and start dating in Massachusetts more.


An American Airlines passenger trying to accumulate “frequent d-bag miles” was booted after becoming angry when airline employees had the audacity to wish him a “Merry Christmas.”


We’ll close with Al Sharpton, who apparently is paid a commission for each “facepalm” he causes:

Sharpton also took an apparent swipe at the police unions, de Blasio and other leaders who have raged against him over what they perceive as his stoking of anti-cop sentiment.

“Cheap demagogues,” he called those “who are trying to score cheap points off the bodies of these police.”

Lack self-awareness we much!

**Written by Doug Powers

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