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Of course: Anti-police protesters call the police after road blockade goes bad

By Doug Powers  •  December 28, 2014 10:47 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

“Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes…”

The takeaways from this story:

1) Saturday night anti-police protest with bonus American flag burning takes place in Los Angeles.

2) Protesters linked hands and blocked Hollywood Boulevard.

3) Motorist “plowed people down,” though I wouldn’t exactly call this “plowing through” the line of people:

4) Irony overdose ensues: “We’re calling 911 now.”

5) Cop-bashing agitators accused the police of not doing enough to help them (pause for laughter).

For some reason I’m reminded of the old Dennis Miller line: “I’m very insecure — I get depressed when I find out that people I hate don’t like me.”

Moral of the story: Any disobedience of the civil disobedient protesting of intolerance will not be tolerated.

**Written by Doug Powers

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