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Al Gore and Pharrell are right, we need to take action against greenhouse gases — THEIRS

By Doug Powers  •  January 25, 2015 11:26 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

A couple days ago, National Journal asked “Who is the Next Al Gore?”

Singer/producer Pharrell Williams isn’t on the list of those who could become Gore’s successor as Godfather of Global Warming Alarmism, but he certainly should be under consideration.

First of all, Pharrell claims to care about reducing greenhouse gas emissions:

Pharrell heads up “save the planet” initiatives as endorsed by Gore, the latest being announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

That hacking cough you hear in the background is just the Alps choking on fumes from nearly 2,000 private jets that flew in to figure out how to save the planet from greenhouse gas emissions:

On that note, the biggest reason Pharrell should be nominated to take the diesel-powered “green” torch from Gore? He enjoys the reduced carbon footprint that only a private jet can provide:

Need more convincing? Pharrell, like Al Gore, enjoys living in modest digs:

And you can’t save the planet from the carbon footprints of coal-loving, oil-burning lower classes classes without your own ship in the eco-navy:

All aboard the SS Hypocrite!

Maybe there should be a contest to decide which celeb takes over as Gore’s successor: How about Pharrell vs. Leonardo DiCaprio — whoever can burn the biggest pile of tires wins.

If Pharrell and Gore along with this guy and this guy want to prove they’re serious they’ll ground themselves permanently… in Davos (sorry Switzerland but we all need to make sacrifices for the good of the environment).

**Written by Doug Powers

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