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WH chief of staff narrows down identity of ‘anonymous’ staffer angry at Netanyahu

By Doug Powers  •  January 26, 2015 05:26 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

In October, a member of the Obama administration was quoted as calling Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit.” Josh Earnest didn’t deny anybody in the WH said it — just that it didn’t represent Obama’s opinion.

Fast forward the tape to this month, when John Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress (which Netanyahu accepted) without first consulting the White House. Another “anonymous” Obama administration member supposedly described it this way:

President Barack Obama is reportedly incensed at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for accepting an invitation to address a joint session of Congress in March without a White House clearance.

A senior U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Haaretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, that the Israeli leader had “spat” in the face of the Obama administration, and that “there will be a price” to pay at some point down the road.

In summary: 17 people killed by Muslim extremists in France, ISIS spreading in the Middle East while threatening more attacks on the West, the Iran nuke threat is growing and rebels have taken over Yemen, and “somebody” at the White House says Israel will pay a price for a speech before Congress. The other problems are nothing a re-set button can’t solve.

Yesterday, the WH chief of staff narrowed down the list of possible culprits:

Said McDonough of that quote: “I can guarantee that it’s not me, not the president, and not what we believe.”

Well that narrows it down to dozens of other people. The absence of a flat denial speaks volumes.

As usual, the White House will root out the person who made the remarks and not fire that person immediately.

Also, what are the odds that Obama schedules an “important” press conference during Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress in March?

**Written by Doug Powers

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