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Mayor of Bridgeport thanks Al Sharpton for ‘fighting the good fight’ against snow in January (I mean ‘climate change’)

By Doug Powers  •  January 27, 2015 08:33 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Have you ever been stuck in heavy snow and thought to yourself, “If only Al Sharpton had more power at the federal level!” No sane person ever has, but during an interview about the “snowmageddon” that wasn’t, Bridgeport, Conn. Mayor Bill Finch thanked Sharpton for his fight against global warming, and said he’s needed in Washington.

Whoever heard of such a thing as snow in January in the northeast? Only Sharpton can save us now.

Mayor Finch would be better served to look at it this way: How much snow plow service could Sharpton’s back taxes have paid for?



New York City got much less snow than was forecast, which will undoubtedly be used as evidence of “climate change,” though the reason NYC didn’t get much snow could be more politically-charged:

**Written by Doug Powers

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