Super Sunday open thread: I’m just in it for the food this year

**Written by Doug Powers

The Detroit Lions aren’t playing today, so that must mean it’s the Super Bowl. Game on!

Prediction? Don’t take this to your bookie, but I’ll go Pats: 27 — Seahawks: 23 — Jokes about “deflated balls”: 14. (Update: Pats 28, Seahawks 24… I got pretty close)

All I know is I get another excuse to make my favorite game-day snack: Ground sirloin combined with hot/spicy sausage combined with Velveeta and spread on cocktail rye — then bake until your cardiologist calls and asks what the hell you think you’re doing.

If you’re not into the game, have at any other topic, such as this Des Moines Register poll that’s sure to bring a buzzkill to any “Run Warren Run” house party/ice cream social(ist):

As for the GOP, Scott Walker made quite a splash in Iowa the other day and it shows:


There’s also this ad from the HHS: Obamacare allows you to be anything you want to be.

Nancy Pelosi called that one a while back:

That from the woman whose home is heated by the incinerating policy cancellation notices of victims of O-care regs.

**Written by Doug Powers

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