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Strategic patience: Obama admin unveils global security policy that will carry lots of ‘wait’

By Doug Powers  •  February 6, 2015 06:57 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Obama’s “elect me and everybody will love us” and subsequent “re-set button” approaches to foreign policy have obviously failed, because the White House is adopting a new global security strategy:


I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it probably involves funding for more James Taylor junkets. It’s not the optimal approach, but at least “strategic patience” sounds better than “whatever’s happening probably isn’t as bad as the Crusades!

From Foreign Policy:

The White House’s new national security policy, issued Friday, urges a long-term view of confronting conflict in a world awash with urgent crises. It served as more of a defense of President Barack Obama’s response to threats rather than offering a new direction, and bolsters his belief that acting deliberatively now could stave off worse threats later.

“Progress won’t be quick or linear,” National Security Advisor Susan Rice told an audience at the Brookings Institution think-tank, where she unveiled the strategy — the second and likely final policy document of its kind for the Obama administration.

“But we are committed to seizing the future that lies beyond the crisis of the day, and pursuing a vision of the world as it can and should be,” Rice said.

It was an attempt to push back on the criticism that for years has been heaped on Obama for failing to quickly deal with crises — including the rise of the Islamic State and Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine — that have erupted on his watch. Rice urged a policy of “strategic patience” that allows America to prove its power when it must, but as often resists reflexive responses that could ensnare the U.S. in long-term conflicts.

“Strategic patience” is when you’re playing chess and sense you’re going to lose, so you tell your opponent that you have to go to the bathroom. Then you sit on the toilet playing Wordle on your iPhone until you hear him or her give up and leave. Great global security strategy.

Here’s a dramatization of Obama and Susan Rice discussing the “strategic patience” approach to all the world’s problems:

Even with this softer approach, the State Department has decided to go rogue and claim victory on one front:

It’s a start.

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**Written by Doug Powers

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