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Bill Nye shares climate change proof: The Wyoming hills are alive with ‘science’!

By Doug Powers  •  February 10, 2015 10:04 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Want proof of “climate change”? TV “scientist” and football pressure expert Bill Nye said last week to look no further than this hill in Wyoming:

The science is settled! Lack of snow on a hill (oops, I mean “slopes”) in Wyoming = “climate change” — Blizzard in New England = “climate change.” See how this works?

Here’s a still shot from a Jackson Hole webcam today — where’s all the snow?


I made a fake version that Nye can use to alarm people with as he sees fit:


And about that Jackson Hole snowfall:

Snowfall update: There’s now been over 23 feet of snow in Jackson Hole this season. But that doesn’t really matter, because if Jackson Hole got 100 feet, Nye would have called dramatic evidence of “just a little climate change” caused by humans. It’s actually all just weather.

By the way, don’t be alarmed, because the car Nye took that picture from is powered by his discarded, clean burning bow ties. If you look closely at the sky you can see Al Gore waving from the Hypocrite Suite aboard his private jet.

**Written by Doug Powers

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