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White House that avoided mentioning faith of 21 Egyptian beheading victims hosting summit on ‘countering violent extremism’

By Doug Powers  •  February 17, 2015 08:03 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

ISIS released a video Sunday showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya. Guess what detail is missing from the White House’s statement about the atrocity (h/t @JayCaruso):


Just in the nick of time, the White House is hosting a “countering violent extremism” summit. The working title of the summit is “How to Get Folks to Stop Randomly Attacking Other Folks While Also Coming to Understand Their Points of View.”

Hopefully the WH doesn’t decide to promote their “success story” of Yemen as an anti-terror model for the entire world at the “countering violent extremism” summit:

“Through presentations, panel discussions, and small group interactions, participants will build on local, state, and federal government; community; and international efforts to better understand, identify, and prevent the cycle of radicalization to violence at home in the United States and abroad.”

The program, where any focus on Islamic extremism is off limits, will conclude with a stern lecture from Obama about the Crusades.

Update: Hopefully the White House gives the State Department’s Marie Harf a block of time to speak at the “countering violent extremism” seminar, because she knows how to help halt the spread of ISIS: We’ve got to help get them jobs!

We’re doomed, aren’t we? The scariest thing about that is that she doesn’t seem to realize they already have “jobs.” Their “jobs” are the problem.

**Written by Doug Powers

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