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Starbucks working diligently to protect the planet from threat posed by whipped cream

By Doug Powers  •  February 24, 2015 10:58 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

At the Climate Leadership Conference in DC (Why DC? Because that’s where the money is), the Starbucks “director of making sure Starbucks doesn’t destroy the planet” identified one of the major threats to the environment (h/t @Tan123):

If Starbucks is so concerned about that particular environmental impact why don’t they just stop selling whipped cream… and coffee for that matter? That won’t be recommended — first and foremost because the company wouldn’t need a director of environmental impact if they didn’t have an impact on the environment.

I’m going to go knock back an entire can of Reddi-Wip just so I can feel like I’m doing my part to purge the planet of that delicious destroyer of worlds.

**Written by Doug Powers

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