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Snorkel required: Check out Obama and Biden’s tributes to Ted Kennedy

By Doug Powers  •  March 30, 2015 09:15 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

A dedication ceremony for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute and Hall of Abject Irony was held on Monday, and President Obama and Joe Biden led the way in thanking Teddy for leading the charge to provide federally-funded compunction bypass surgeries for all Democrats at the federal level.

Joe Biden kicked things off with this tribute:


Do Dems do this kind of stuff on purpose? Ted started it by naming his dog “Splash” and now it’s gotten out of control.

Obama got in on the act (via Twitchy):


Any takers on hitching this particular ride across the partisan divide span? Use of the word “bridge” in any speech lionizing Kennedy should be illegal without a laugh track, but because Obama’s “if you like your plan you can keep it” promise was metaphorically in the trunk of Teddy’s car, it gets a free pass.

Obama also had advice sure to be well received by any philandering, hypocritical, silver-spoon-sucking member of Congress who relies on his family’s wealth and power to get him out of trouble other people would go to prison for:

There’s gonna be a party in Congress this week! DC-area restaurants, hide your waitresses.


Just a reminder that taxpayers are on the hook for almost $40 million (so far) to pay for the monument to humanity’s anchor.

**Written by Doug Powers

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