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Sounds like Apple’s CEO needs to disable the ‘hypocrite’ app on his iPhone

By Doug Powers  •  March 31, 2015 09:23 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Mary Katharine Ham at Hot Air and Ace have already picked up on this, but Apple’s CEO isn’t happy with Indiana’s religious freedom law:

Cook is criticizing Indiana? Maybe it’s easier to take a stand against a fully tapped market instead of putting his stockholders’ money where his mouth is when it comes to lecturing emerging markets:


Hey, if a theocratic Islamic monarchy can show Indiana how to do religious freedom and gay rights correctly, Apple’s CEO is hot-to-trot for that particular business deal.


But at least Cook has now warned that man how horribly he could be treated if he ever travels to Bloomington.

From last February:

In his first trip in the region, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, made a historic stop to the UAE and held a meeting with Ahmad Julfar, CEO of Etisalat Group, to discuss how the presence of Apple can be elevated in the region and how the two companies can strengthen their relationship across Etisalat’s footprint in the Middle East, Africa and Asia where Etisalat operates in 15 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria.

This meeting took place in the presence of Saleh Al-Abdooli, CEO of Etisalat UAE, and Khalid Al-Kaf, CEO of Mobily. Julfar welcomed Cook and praised the excellent relationship that Etisalat has had with Apple, a relationship dating back 4 years ago, when the two companies signed an agreement on devices to cover the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Cook said: “We are all about making great products that people don’t know they need today but when they have them, they can’t live without. We would like to bring our passion to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Africa.”

Homosexuality can be punishable by death in Saudi Arabia (and other places Cook is trying to increase Apple’s presence). But you know what they always say in the Apple board room: The road to change in Riyadh goes through Indianapolis.

This is akin to the level of hypocrisy that Al Gore showed off when he sold Current to Big Oil-backed Al Jazeera. Fittingly enough, Gore sits on Apple’s board, so at least the company is displaying some consistency. Maybe the company is changing its slogan to “Think Hypocritically.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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