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What a ‘deal’: Iran eyes nukes; Kerry eyes Nobel Peace Prize

By Doug Powers  •  April 2, 2015 09:41 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Only in certain offices in Oslo where portraits of Jimmy Carter are saluted every morning and various rooms in the White House and at the State Department could offering the Iranians a pathway to developing nukes be considered Peace Prize-worthy, but John Kerry will at the very least be under serious consideration after he strikes a deal with the regime that continues to lead chants of “death to America”:


Well of course Kerry will be up for a Nobel:

John Kerry did not start the negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. But nobody has thrown himself more into the talks and nobody’s reputation has more riding on their outcome than the American secretary of State currently trying to hammer out a deal in Switzerland.
“If these talks succeed, that is going to be his legacy,” says Kenneth M. Pollack, a former Iran-Iraq analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency and a senior staffer on President Clinton’s National Security Council overseeing policy toward Iraq and Iran. “It would be an historic accord.” As controversial as it would be in the United States and Israel and some Sunni Arab states, “everywhere else in the world, this is considered an unmitigated good.”

If a deal is reached and Iran’s nuclear program is blocked, Pollack added, “I think Kerry will get an enormous amount of credit for pulling it off. He will be in line for a Nobel Peace Prize. … He could go down in history books as being a monumentally important character, like Jimmy Carter with Camp David.”

But, Pollack stressed, there is a flip side: “He could go down as Neville Chamberlain at Munich. Both are possible here.”

Put me down for $20 on the “Chamberlain” option, though that comparison might not be fair to Neville because even the Munich Agreement didn’t have “death to England” scribbled on the back.

Team Obama loves “time will tell” deals like the one that will eventually be announced with Iran. There will be a deal, no matter how long it takes, how many deadlines and red lines have to be disregarded, or how much capitulation is required — there has to be a deal. Obama’s legacy demands it. The reaching of a deal itself will be billed as the success, not what the deal consists of or how much damage it causes in the future (see: “Obamacare”). We might not know whatever deal is made is a colossal failure until there’s a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv or New York some day, but the Peace Prize might already be resting comfortably on Kerry’s mantel by then.


Also don’t forget that Kerry considers climate change the greatest national security threat we face, so if the Iran deal contains a pledge from Tehran to cut carbon emissions, Kerry will sell the deal as a humanity-saver even if the Ayatollah can be seen tinkering with an atomic bomb in the background.

Update II:

Some details from the tentative deal reached today. Short version: Iran’s thrilled.

**Written by Doug Powers

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