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Irony we much: Al Sharpton’s daughter suing NYC for roughly the amount her dad owes in taxes

By Doug Powers  •  May 18, 2015 05:28 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Al Sharpton must be pleased to know that the family business is in capable hands… and feet:

Al Sharpton’s daughter reportedly is suing New York City for $5 million after she fell in the street and sprained her ankle.

According to the New York Post, Dominique Sharpton, 28, says in court records she was “severely injured, bruised and wounded” after tripping on uneven pavement in downtown Manhattan in October.

Sharpton says she still suffers from the injury, the Post reported.

Sharpton’s daughter’s claims of a severely injured ankle were subsequently disproved by… Sharpton’s daughter — but obviously you don’t need to be on two totally healthy legs to attempt a shakedown.

NYC should counter-sue Sharpton’s daughter by arguing that the city would have been able to afford to repair the crack she supposedly tripped over if her father would have paid his taxes.

**Written by Doug Powers

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