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Fast food workers, Hillary Clinton wants to be your Norma Rae!

By Doug Powers  •  June 8, 2015 08:14 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Great moments in political speech backdrops:

Ronald Reagan: Brandenburg Gate

Hillary Clinton: Golden Arches:

Hillary Clinton told a conference of fast food workers Sunday that she supported their push for a $15 minimum wage, saying “I want to be your champion.”

Appearing by phone at a meeting of 1,300 workers, Clinton voiced her most emphatic support yet for the nationwide Fight for $15 movement, which is also seeking to unionize fast food giants like McDonald’s.

As primary season nears, Hillary will take this message global in a major speech in Berlin, where she will declare “Ich bin ein burger flipper!”

What Clinton didn’t mention while promoting unions and praising cities that have adopted $15 per hour minimum wage regs is that unions that pushed for the law in Los Angeles are now seeking an exemption from it. It’s Hillary-style hypocrisy so she’s obviously totally on board.

Hillary’s plan to help fast food workers financially includes not advising them to take unpaid internships at the Clinton Foundation or to have too much faith in the tip jar after they’ve waited on her.

**Written by Doug Powers

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