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MSM Awakenings: Hey, maybe problems like Greece have something to do with spending money they don’t have

By Doug Powers  •  June 30, 2015 09:01 AM

**Written by Doug Powers


Some are starting to notice the problem even if they don’t seem to realize it:

“Trillions Spent, but Crises Like Greece’s Persist” is the most oblivious headline I’ve read since “Man Drowns Despite Brick Tied Around Ankle,” but at least it’s a sign some are catching on, albeit somewhat unwittingly at this point.

Captain Obvious was laid off when Obama took office, but he’s apparently received gainful employment as a writer on the New York Times’ foreign desk:

Stifling debt loads, for instance, continue to weigh on governments around the world. Greece’s government has repeatedly called for relief from some of its debt obligations, and Puerto Rico’s governor said on Sunday that its debt was “not payable.” Both borrowers are extreme cases, but high borrowing, either by corporations or governments, is also bogging down the globally significant economies of Brazil, Turkey, Italy and China. And economists say that central banks and their whirring printing presses can do only so much to alleviate the burden.

They are the burden. Well, part of it anyway.

Greece has got President Obama’s economics team working on a “solution,” which only proves that so far nobody has learned any lessons from this whatsoever.

**Written by Doug Powers

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