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Hillary unveils economic plan: No Ubers, more Solyndras, rein in all hedge fund managers except her son-in-law

By Doug Powers  •  July 13, 2015 11:17 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

At The New School in Manhattan today, Hillary Clinton unveiled her economic plan that I’m calling “Psychological Projection We Can Believe In.” The speech was basically an attempt to head Bernie Sanders off at the socialist pass by appealing to the “raise the wage” crowd in front of a podium put up by her unpaid interns organizing fellows.

Hillary of course took aim at Wall Street:

Despite her long ties to Wall Street, she repeatedly attacked hedge funds, “shadow” bankers and high-frequency traders–those who she claimed make soaring profits without creating physicals goods or jobs. She said she sounded the alarm early on the danger of trading derivatives, complex financial instruments that some say drove the 2008 financial collapse–and promised to unveil a plan to reform capital gains taxes.

For some reason she again failed to mention that her son-in-law is a hedge fund manager.

Her “shared growth” agenda also includes stimulus for the construction of an alternate universe where she can say things like this without anybody laughing:

“Too often it seems the human beings responsible get off with limited consequence or none at all even if they already pocketed the gains,” she said, calling for a trust fund to hold money the government recovers from law-breaking individuals and corporations. “This is wrong and on my watch this will change.”

Another message Hillary sent was a brush pitch to “gig economy” companies to think about digging deep with a Clinton Foundation donation:

Clinton’s aide said she will discuss some of the structural forces conspiring against sustainable wage growth, such as globalization, automation, and even consumer-friendly “sharing economy” firms like Uber and Airbnb that are creating new relationships between management and labor (and which now employ many Obama administration alumni). But she will argue that policy choices have contributed to the problem, and that she can fix it.

If the people who run Uber were listening, this is what they heard: “Nice little car service ya got there. Shame if something were to happen to it.”

Also, who’s up for a fresh round of Solyndras?

If you thought the Obama administration’s cronyism was bad, just wait for Clinton v2.0.

Team Hillary obviously knew who they were spoon feeding this tripe to, because the speech was delivered as if she were talking to five-year-olds who left their BS detectors at Chuck E. Cheese:

I couldn’t help but spot an uncanny resemblance:


**Written by Doug Powers

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