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Forget the graft, lies, greed and general skullduggery — in a just world, THIS is what would doom Hillary’s campaign

By Doug Powers  •  July 20, 2015 10:12 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

If this doesn’t drive down Hillary Clinton’s numbers at least a little bit, somebody owes Mike Dukakis and his ten gallon tank helmet a big freakin’ apology:

She’s ONE OF US! Actually, that’s the kind of talk that in the real world sparks family meetings that begin by somebody saying “we’re gonna have to do something about Ma.”

Word is Team Hillary came close to green-lighting their candidate adding “I speak jive” at the end of that Snapchat video but the focus group got sidetracked by a heated argument about whether MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice was the dominant rap force of the 20th century.


The “nuclear option” waits in the wings:

**Written by Doug Powers

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